“Aito is a genius, but we are happy with the change of coach”

BarcelonaThe architect of the Dawn of Berlin is Himar Ojeda, a canary who is leading one of the most exciting projects in Europe. Without the budget of other teams, the sporting director has consolidated a very interesting proposal that focuses its potential on the evolution of young players.

How do you feel at the start of the Euroleague?

– A little irregular. The preseason has been very complicated because we have had many injured players in the same position, the pivot. This has not let us have a normal preparation and we are a little behind.

Do you like how the team has fared?

– Yes, we were forced to strengthen ourselves and we did the best we could. We bet on people who convince me and like me. We lose a bit of veteranism and that will make us pay a price, but betting on young people we like.

They only have one player over the age of 30.

– Yes, it is a type of bet that we like and that helps us grow but at the same time needs time. Aíto’s presence multiplied the options to sign young players, but our philosophy has stuck and the club is very clear that it must be the basis of the project. We have a very well defined line of play and work dynamics.

Israel González is not a well-known coach for the general public. How did you experience the change on the bench?

– We would have liked Aíto to have stayed with us longer, because he is a genius, but we are happy with the change of coach. Israel allows us to reinforce the philosophy of betting on young players to take on responsibilities. He has spent many years as an assistant and is ready to be a head coach. He is a coach with a lot of ability that will allow us to continue with the style of play and the sports structure of recent years.

Aito talks about a sabbatical year. What will he do next?

– We got him to be with us for a four-year cycle, when he was lately doing two-year periods, but last season was very tough, with a very compressed schedule and many weeks with three games. The energy with which you grab each workout is amazing and I wanted to rest. I hope that when he decides what he wants to do next season we have a conflict.

What do you think of Barça?

– Barça is a team that has more and more the stamp of what Sarunas Jasikevicius wants to build. He is modeling the insole to his measure, with pieces of which he is convinced and this will allow him to be very comfortable. It is a solid project.

You know Barça very well, Kyle Kuric.

– Yes, I took him to Europe when I was one rookie. He was a player I had followed a lot in his college days and I played an American spot with him. He has made a great career. He is an extraordinary type and a shooter of maximum reliability.

The Dawn of Berlin, first rival in the Palace

Barça open the Euroleague this Friday (9pm, DAZN) playing at the Palau Blaugrana against Alba in Berlin. “We are fortunate that Barça has a long history in this competition, the most prestigious in Europe, the one that everyone sees. We are excited “, analyzed Sarunas Jasikevicius, the coach of the Barça team. The latest update of health protocols will have the support of up to 3,500 fans in the pavilion of the Catalan group.


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