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Aíto returns to the Penya to work with young people in the cradle

BadalonaAccording to Televisió de Badalona, ​​Aíto García Reneses has returned to the Joventut de Badalona to work with young people in the cradle. The legendary 74-year-old coach trains Zsombor Maronka, Miguel Malik Allen, Yannick Kraag, Adrià Domènech, Rubén Prey and Kriss Helmanis two days a week on the adjacent tracks of the Olympic Palace.

Aíto, who had decided to take a sabbatical year, trained for two stages at the Peña; from 1983 to 1985 and from 2003 to 2008. The current Youth Coach, Carles Duran, is one of his great disciples. The last team of the Madrid coach was the Dawn of Berlin. “We would have liked Aíto to have stayed with us longer, because he is a genius, but we are happy with the change of coach. Israel González allows us to reinforce the philosophy of betting on young players so that they acquire responsibilities. “He is a coach and he is ready to be the first coach. He is a very capable coach who will allow us to continue with the style of play and the sports structure of recent years,” said Himar Ojeda in an interview with ARA. the sporting director of the German team.

“We managed to get him to have a four-year cycle with us, when he was doing two-year periods lately, but last season was very tough, with a very tight schedule and many weeks with three games. The energy with the “Every time I take a training session, it’s amazing and I wanted to rest. I hope that when he decides what he wants to do next season, we will have a conflict,” Ojeda added.

A pioneer in implementing tactics and working methods, Aíto is clear about the perfect combination. “The success of the generation of players like the Gasol and Navarro brothers is that they have the basics and are smart. Repetitions are necessary, but it is essential to combine the training of the player with that of the person. It is important that young people “The development of the mind cannot be achieved by basketball alone. The ability to comprehend facilitates any learning. What makes the difference is choosing from the 1,000 situations in the game. You have to teach when and how to do things.” he says. The coach, who is in love with math problems and photography, recommended that Edy Tavares go sudokus and nurtured Xavi Fernández’s passion for chess.


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