Ajax drew 2-2 PSV Eredivisie double Zahavi ESPN Dutch classic

Ajax and PSV offered a great match valid for date 15 of the Eredivisie. Both teams came out with everything to stay with the Dutch classic, but ended up drawing 2-2 at the Amsterdam Arena.

From the opening whistle, Ajax and PSV did not save anything, but it was the visit that began to take possession of the ball and only two minutes later, Zahavi opened the scoring to the joy of those from Eindhoven.

In addition, the outlook was going to get more uphill for Ajax. Again Zahavi, in a great partnership with Malen, put the second before half an hour of play.

However, Ajax was going to manage to discount before the end of the first half. Promes took advantage of a good center of Tadic to give hope to the local in the complementary part.

That is why Ajax pressed as soon as the second half began and although they canceled a goal for Haller, Antony was in charge of decreeing parity at 65 minutes.

Everything suggested that the comeback was coming, but PSV closed well behind and at least rescued a draw in its visit to the classic rival and is about to reach it at the top of the Eredivisie.

Ajax vs PSV LIVE WATCH via ESPN: Eredivisie

The meeting is valid for the 15th date of the Eredivisie.

Ajax vs PSV SEE LIVE: minute by minute Eredivise

Both teams want victory.


– 90 ‘+ 4 End of the first part!

– 90 ‘+ 2 Haller tried to get to the ball, but Mvogo caught without problems.

– 90 ‘We are going to play four more minutes.

– 89 & # 39; PSV’s third came almost, but goalkeeper Onana saved. We continue 2-2.

– 85 ‘The match goes back and forth.

– 82 ‘Ihattaren and Zahavi left. Gutiérrez and Madueke joined PSV.

– 81 ‘Yellow for Zahavi at PSV.

– 79 ‘Promes Mazraoui withdrew and Kudus and Rensch entered Ajax.

– 77 ‘Malen left and Júnior entered PSV.

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– 77 & # 39; Corner kick for Ajax and goalkeeper Mvogo keeps the ball.

– 74 ‘Now yes, Ajax wants the third. For now, resist the visit.

– 68 ‘Gakpo left and Thomas entered PSV.

– 65 & # 39; AJAX GOOOOOOOOOOL! Bad clearance from the PSV defense and Antony put the parity on the scoreboard thanks to a shot to be placed.

– 62 & # 39; Mvogo keeps the ball. The local is arriving with danger.

– 60 ‘Dangerous free kick for the local that goes to the corner.

– 57 ‘Clear the Ajax defense and we continue 2-1 at the Amsterdam Arena.

– 56 ‘There is a corner for the visit.

– 54 ‘Center and Onana keeps the ball.

– 54 ‘Great shot by Max and Onana again to avoid the fall of his fence. Corner shot.

– 52 ‘Klaassen wins the yellow card. Dangerous free kick for PSV.

– 51 ‘Finally, the referee cancels the goal for an advanced position. We remain 2-1 in favor of PSV.

– 50 ‘AJAX GOOOOOOOOOOL! Haller defined with category against Mvogo and scores the parity on the scoreboard.

– 48 ‘Now there is a dangerous free kick for the local. Parity could come.

– 46 ‘He came out with all of Ajax for parity and has a corner.

– 46 & # 39; Labyad left and Haller entered Ajax.

– 45 ‘The complementary part started.


– 45 ‘+ 1 End of the first half!

– 45 ‘+ 1 Zahavi misses what was the third for the visit.

– 45 ‘+ 1 Tadic put a poisonous center that nobody got to connect.

– 45 ‘Let’s play one more minute.

– 42 & # 39; Dangerous shot for Ajax, but manages to clear the defense of PSV.

– 39 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOL OF AJAX! Great pass from Tadic and Promes scores the discount for the local

– 36 & # 39; Ajax tries on the right wing. We will see.

– 33 & # 39; Corner kick for the local that does not bring problems for the goalkeeper Mvogo.

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– 31 ‘PSG does not go back and look for the third.

– 27 ‘Tadic almost scored the discount. His ball hit the post.

– 25 ‘We continue 2-0 for the visit to the Amsterdam Arena.

– 20 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOL OF PSV! Great combination between Malen and Zahavi and the latter scores the second on his personal account and on the scoreboard.

– 19 ‘A visiting player is feeling.

– 18 ‘Promes finished off and Mvogo caught without problems.

– 17 ‘Tadic had the parity on his feet, but was cut just enough by the PSV defense.

– 15 ‘They did not understand between Gravenberch and Tadic and there is a goal kick for PSV.

– 12 & # 39; There is an advanced position at Ajax. It will come from the bottom, Mvogo.

– 10 ‘Corner kick for PSV who wants more. Ajax has no reaction.

– 9 & # 39; Great shot by Max and when it seemed to be the second, Onana avoided the fall of her fence.

– 8 ‘Strong foul against Malen. Dangerous free kick for the visit. It could be the second. We will see.

– 6 ‘Ajax tries with Tadic, but goalkeeper Mvogo has no problems.

– 5 ‘Foul against Malen. Free kick for PSV.

– 4 ‘Ajax tries to react. For now, it is more PSV and it reflects them on the scoreboard.

– 2 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOL OF PSV! Great cue pass from Malen for Zahavi to score the first on the scoreboard.

– 2 ‘Clear with all Ajax.

– 1 ‘Corner kick for the visit that the first wants.

– 1 ‘Start of the game. It goes with all PSV.

– All ready for the match to start.

– The teams take to the field.

– The game will start shortly.

Ajax vs PSV LIVE on ESPN: confirmed lineups

XI Ajax: Onana; Mazraoui, Schuurs, Blind, Tagliafico; Klaassen, Gravenberch, Labyad; Promes, Tadic, Antony.

XI PSV: Mvogo, Dumfries, Teze, Boscagli, Max, Rosario, Sangaré, Gakpo, Ihattaren, Malen, Zahavi

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Life or death. Although the fifteenth day of the tournament will only be played, Ajax and PSV will play a match that could define who lifts the title at the end of the season. And it is that both teams are separated by a single point in the standings and the fight will be until the end of the championship.

On the one hand, those led by Erik Ten Hag come to this meeting after an opaque draw against Willen II in visiting conditions. This result meant that this Sunday’s rival is close to him in score despite being the clear favorite to take the title due to the level of the team and its stars.

But at the helm he will have a team that has shown great performance so far this season. And the fact is that the 10 wins, three draws and a single defeat have taken him to second place in the standings having a Mario Götze at his best and that he will have to prove it against his lifelong rival.

Ajax vs. PSV: possible formations

Ajax: Onana; Klaiber, Schuurs, Blind, Tagliafico, Klaassen, Labyad, Gravenmberch, Antony, Tadic y Huntelar.

PSV: Mvogo; Dumfries, Teze, Boscagli, Max, Sangaré, Hendrix, Götze, Madueke, Gakpo and Ihattaren.

What time does Ajax vs. PSV: schedules in the world

  • Argentina: 12:45 p.m.
  • Brazil: 12.45 hours
  • Chile: 12:45 p.m.
  • Paraguay: 12:45 p.m.
  • Uruguay: 12:45 p.m.
  • Venezuela: 11:45 am
  • Bolivia: 11:45 am
  • Peru: 10.45 am
  • Colombia: 10.45 am
  • Ecuador: 10.45 am
  • Mexico: 09.45 am
  • United States: 07.45 am

Ajax vs. PSV: channels and where to watch live

  • Argentina ESPN Play Sur
  • Bolivia ESPN Play Sur
  • Brazil ESPN Brazil
  • Chile ESPN Play Sur
  • Colombia ESPN Play Sur, ESPN2 Colombia
  • Ecuador ESPN Play Sur
  • Germany sportdigital
  • Paraguay ESPN Play Sur
  • Peru ESPN Play Sur
  • Ukraine Soccer 3
  • Uruguay ESPN Play Sur
  • Venezuela ESPN Play Sur.

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