AK elections: FSG clear election winner in Salzburg, vote gains in Tyrol, 3rd board seat in Vorarlberg was retained

2024-02-09 20:52:41

Muchitsch: “Only the FSG stands for more justice, fair working conditions and social security”

Vienna (OTS) – The first round of the 2024 AK elections came to an end. The workers’ parliament was newly elected in Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Salzburg. According to the preliminary results, there were heavy losses in all three federal states for FCG and GREENS. The FSG was able to increase to 68.96 percent in Salzburg. There were slight losses for the FSG in Tyrol with minus 0.9 percent and Vorarlberg with minus 2.1 percent.

With 68.96 percent, the FSG is the clear winner of the Chamber of Labor election in Salzburg. “We congratulate AK President Peter Eder and his team on their sensational election success in Salzburg,” says Josef Muchitsch, federal chairman of the Social Democratic Trade Union Group (FSG).

The FSG, with Bernhard Höfler at the helm, was able to gain votes in the AK elections in Tyrol, but achieved fewer mandates. In Vorarlberg, FSG top candidate Manuela Auer was able to retain her third board mandate, which was only won in 2019.

“Unfortunately, the FPÖ’s anti-employee policy is not yet visible enough in the AK elections,” says Muchitsch, making it clear that it was the FPÖ that has massively worsened the situation of employees since 2017. Examples of this are the introduction of the 60-hour week and the 12-hour day as well as the fiasco with the so-called “health care reform”. In addition, there are easing of wage and social dumping and a policy that favors increased immigration.

In addition, employees are still fully feeling the negative effects of the recent crises. The persistently high inflation is putting massive pressure on your wallet. “We therefore have to inform employees even more about the negative effects of the turquoise-blue policy and what they will face under a blue-turquoise government,” analyzes Muchitsch: “Only the FSG stands for more justice and fair working conditions and social security!”

On behalf of the FSG, Muchitsch would like to thank all colleagues and all employee representatives who were committed to ensuring a strong voice for employees in the AK election campaign.

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