AK: Organic oat flakes do very well in the test

Oatmeal provides protein, iron and B vitamins. In addition, the oat beta-glucan it contains reduces the cholesterol level. The Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor had 13 products tested for harmful substances. While no pesticide residues were found in any of the organic products, all conventional products contained at least traces of them.

They are considered healthy, and porridge is also part of the daily breakfast at Harry Potter’s wizarding student. The consumer advocates have had a total of seven organic brands and six conventional oatmeal products tested in the laboratory of the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety. The maximum permitted levels were not exceeded in any of the products. Very good oat flakes are available from 55 cents per 500 grams, in organic quality from 99 cents.

Contains cadmium in all products

The naturally occurring heavy metal cadmium was found in all products and the permitted limit value of 11 percent to a maximum of 47 percent was used but not exceeded. 90 percent of cadmium is absorbed through food. It accumulates in organs, especially in the liver and kidneys and also in bones. If you regularly ingest more than the 2.5 micrograms per kilo of body weight recommended by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), this can damage the kidneys or bones. Cadmium is also considered to be carcinogenic.

No health hazard from nickel

The allergy-causing heavy metal nickel was also found in all brands of oat flakes. According to the new risk assessment by EFSA, the tolerable daily intake (TDI) is 13 micrograms per kilo of body weight. Even with the oat flakes with the highest nickel values ​​in the test, a child weighing 30 kg would only use 7.3 percent of the daily tolerable intake when consuming oat flakes every day. In this respect, none of the products pose a health risk due to the nickel content. so the AK.

No pesticides found in organic oatmeal

An obvious difference can be seen in the comparison of conventional products with organic products. While the organic products in the test are free of pesticides, traces of pesticides were found in all six oatmeal brands from conventional agriculture, even if only in very small quantities.

“Alnatura” and “Of course for us” are organic test winners

The oat flakes from “Alnatura” (1.15 euros / 500g) emerged as the test winner among the organic products. In second place came the “Organic oat flakes for us, of course” from Unimarkt. With these, the measured nickel content was even lower, but at 1.99 euros / 500g they were a bit more expensive. The test winner among the conventional products was the “S-Budget oat flakes” from Spar (0.99 euros / 500g). The last place in the conventional products category went to Unimarkt’s “Every Day Oat Flakes” (EUR 0.69 / 500g).

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