Akwasi Announces Custom Tour Around Album Sankofa | NOW

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Akwasi will be performing in various theaters from next month with his latest record Sankofa. The shows are open to a limited number of people due to the corona crisis.

The tour starts in Venlo, where the rapper gives three performances on July 3. After that, shows will be held in July and August in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam, among others. As it stands now, there can be a hundred spectators per show.

Akwasi’s album Sankofa, which he says goes back to his Ghanaian roots, appeared in March.

The artist has been in the news a lot in recent weeks because of the speech he gave on Dam Square on Whit Monday. His statements about “kicking his face in person” of Zwarte Piet led to several people filing a complaint against him. Bee Beau the rapper clarified on Wednesday that those words should be seen as imagery.

In turn, the rapper is considering taking steps against people who threatened him via Instagram.



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