Al-Ahly refuses to surrender in the negotiations to annex Sereno from Sun Downs

Swiss coach Rene Filer refused to surrender in the deal to buy Uruguayan Sereno striker Sun Downs, stressing that the player is the best options before him to support the attack line, and that any other alternative will be much lower level, and Al-Ahly officials opened the file of the new foreign striker through a comparison between more From a foreign player who is good at playing in the center of the wings, especially after the negotiations to annex Sereno, and Fyler asked the Al-Ahly administration to contract with a super foreign striker that represents a qualitative addition to the team, expressing his agreement to the inclusion of Sereno, which is what Al-Ahly hurried to accomplish, but the Red Administration found it very difficult to Negotiations due to Sun Downs holding onto the player.

At the same time, the Five-Year Committee presented to Ashraf Sobhi some procedures and requirements set by the Medical Committee of the Football Association to resume collective training, on top of which: Analyzing the detection of the Corona virus for all players before the return of training, dividing the training of each team in 4 batches in the gym, and group exercises are held For players in two waves, the distances between the players in the group exercises, the reduction of the number of technical and administrative devices in the exercises, sterilization and disinfection of sports equipment and balls before and after each exercise, sterilization of the dressing rooms and the training ground daily., The players wear gags before and after the exercises, the technical and administrative apparatus is worn And medical gags during exercises, sterilization and disinfection of balls before and after each exercise., Preventing the exchange of water bottles and juices between players in the exercises. And prevent shaking hands and hugs during exercises.


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