Al-Annabi is the top scorer in the Gold Cup

The new guest of the tournament reaches the Golden Square and continues his journey towards the Gold Cup. Thus, the written or visual CONCACAF media agreed that our team won against El Salvador and qualified for the semi-finals. After it topped Group D with 7 points and surpassed all its teams, El Salvador, which did not He was able to stop the ambition of our team’s stars to reach the golden square, the same newspapers that had nominated Al Annabi to reach this role after winning the meeting with Honduras during the last group stage matches, so that their speculations of Al Annabi obtaining the Gold Cup semi-final ticket came true. The newspaper “Diaz” wrote: The Qatari supremacy in the Gold Cup continues after he stopped El Salvador’s journey from the quarter-finals, in a match that the new guest of the tournament started strongly by scoring two goals in less than ten minutes in a wonderful way, as the Salvadoran team received an early shock in the match, and despite That Qatari team continued to excel in the match by scoring the third goal in the second half.

The newspaper «AS» I wrote about the qualification of our team: The Qatari team eliminated El Salvador from the quarter-finals, and this is their sixth failure in the Gold Cup and they were unable to overcome this role, while Qatar became the guest country that scored the most goals in the tournament, surpassing Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

The newspaper added: The dream of writing history for the Salvadoran team evaporates, after leaving a good image in the first round of the tournament made his fans dream of reaching at least the golden square, but because of the disastrous start of “La Selecta” it excluded him from the quarter-finals, after the Qatari team scored an early goal in The first two minutes of the match were scored by top scorer Moez Ali, and they did not absorb the first slap from the 2022 World Cup host, as Abdulaziz Hatem fired a powerful shot outside the area of ​​operations, scoring the second goal, followed by the third goal at the beginning of the second half..

Youssef Hassan: Annabi’s journey is difficult

Youssef Hassan, our national team goalkeeper, said about qualifying for the semi-finals of the Gold Cup: Praise be to God, we achieved our goal in the El Salvador match by obtaining the golden square card, and this was not easy, especially since we are playing for the first time in this big tournament, as well as these teams that we face She had previously participated in the World Cup, and this confirms that the competition in it is strong, and this was evident during our matches that we played in the first round and also in the quarter-finals against El Salvador..

He added: Against El Salvador, we advanced 3-0 in the result, including two goals in the first half, and then we lost focus after the third goal, and this is what made us receive two goals after they took advantage of the two opportunities they had. He pointed out that they have an organized defense, and this has appeared during the past matches, so the mistakes of the El Salvador match will not be repeated. He continued, “We play a match every three days and we have played four matches so far, but the medical staff of the national team is doing a great job by preparing the players after each match.” He concluded his speech by saying: Praise be to God, this achievement is for Qatar and the entire Arab world, after we reached the Golden Square during our first participation in the Gold Cup..

Selling tickets for the semi-finals

The Organizing Committee for the 2021 Gold Cup has released tickets for the two semi-final matches, and the Qatar Football Association has published a tweet, “The Promise in Austin is in the Gold Cup semi-finals,” and a link was published to buy match tickets..

It is noteworthy that the match of our national team will be held at dawn on Friday at the “Austin FC” stadium against the US team, the host of the tournament, while the second match will be held between the Canadian and Mexican team at the “NRG Stadium” in Houston..

Hammam Al-Amin: We are very happy

Hammam Al-Amin, the defender of our national team, confirmed that they are only one step away from achieving a great achievement by reaching the final. Hammam said: We are happy to be in the semi-finals after we beat El Salvador 3-2, in a match in which we played a good first half, we were able to score two early goals, and we added the third goal at the beginning of the second half, but there was slackening on our part, and this made us receive two goals. After we made a clean three.

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