“Al Arabiya.net” in an Egyptian village.. Dozens of its children were drowned by death boats

A great tragedy experienced by the people of the village of Talbana in Dakahlia in northern Egypt, where dozens of their sons disappeared during an illegal immigration journey to Italy across the Mediterranean and through a gang smuggling young people through illegal means.

The villagers told Al Arabiya.net that contacts with their sons were cut off after their illegal immigration to Italy, and they do not know their fate so far, while the security services are looking for a person named Abu Samra who was behind their deportation to solve the mystery.

The people revealed that they had received calls from other young people who were on the flight stating that 11 of the village’s youth and children had died, while they did not mention the fate of the remaining 50.

From the people’s statements, it became clear that one of the illegal immigration brokers from the village, with the help of a sister, persuaded the young men to travel to Italy via Libya, and to obtain a sum of money estimated at 30,000 pounds from each young man and to travel by boat on average.

According to the people’s information, they were informed that the Italian authorities would return the young men again and would not allow them to enter the country, and that on their way back, the boat sank, which resulted in the death of about 11 young men, and the loss and unknown fate of the rest.

In addition, Libyan sources revealed to Al Arabiya.net that the Libyan authorities arrested about 170 young Egyptians and that they are currently in a center to combat illegal immigration in the Ghout al-Shaal area of ​​the capital, Tripoli, where they are being investigated and interrogated.

The sources confirmed that all these young people are fine, and that 3 of those who were on the flight drowned.

On the other hand, the pioneers of communication circulated a video of a group of these young people while they were on board the boat in the Mediterranean and near their arrival to the Italian coasts.

In the video, the young men chanted the name of the owner of the boat who took them from their village, while the people demanded the immediate intervention of the state and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reveal the fate of their children, as well as the arrest, investigation and trial of brokers.

Egypt had developed a plan to combat illegal immigration, where the first national strategy to combat illegal immigration was launched, as well as the issuance of Law 82 of 2016 to combat the phenomenon, establishing deterrent penalties and criminalizing all forms of migrant smuggling.


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