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Al-Fashqa is pure Sudanese land, and we will not give up an inch of our land

The Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, the Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Army, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, confirmed, on Monday, that “Al-Fashqa is pure Sudanese land, and we will not give up an inch of our lands.”

Al-Burhan inspected the forces stationed in the Barakat Noreen area, in the city of Al-Fashqa in the state of Gedaref, accompanied by Lieutenant-General Magdi Ibrahim, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics. This is in the wake of the Ethiopian attacks on the region, which led to the killing of 6 members of the armed forces, and the injury of more than 31 officers and soldiers.

Al-Burhan declared that “Sudan is not in a state of enmity with Ethiopia,” and stressed the commitment “to protect the Sudanese in Al-Fashqa from any threats.”

The Sudanese army chief said, “The people stand by the armed forces in extending control over the country’s lands.”

Al-Burhan called on the citizens of Al-Fashqa to “engage in their agricultural activities and devote themselves to their life concerns.”

The Sudanese army reported that dozens of civilians were wounded and killed in the recent attacks by Ethiopian forces in Al-Fashqa.

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The Office of the Spokesman for the Armed Forces said: “Our forces working to secure the harvest in Al-Fashqa Al-Saghira in the Barakat Noreen area were attacked and attacked by groups of the Ethiopian army and militias aimed at intimidating farmers, sabotaging the harvest season and incursions into our lands. And the armed forces have counted a number of martyrs, and they will continue to protect the homeland and defend its lands.”

And the Sudanese army announced, on Saturday, that the Ethiopian army and militias loyal to it, They attacked the border area of ​​Al-FashqaIt is a disputed agricultural area between the two countries.

The official Sudanese news agency “SUNA” reported that Sudanese forces were present in the area to protect farmers during the harvest season.

The decades-old conflict with Ethiopia is centered on vast tracts of agricultural land, located within the borders of Sudan, according to an agreement that defined the dividing line between the two countries in the early twentieth century.

The two countries held rounds of talks, most recently in Khartoum last December, to settle the dispute, but they did not make any progress.

Tensions escalated at the end of last year, after Sudan deployed its forces in Al-Fashqa.

The border conflict lands between Sudan and Ethiopia are divided into 3 regions: the Lesser Fashqa, the Greater Fashqa, and the southern regions, with an area of ​​about two million acres, and located between 3 rivers: Setit, Atbara and Baslam, which makes them highly fertile.

Al-Fashqa extends for a distance of 168 km with the Ethiopian border out of the total border distance of Gedaref State with Ethiopia, which is about 265 km.

As a result of military operations, Sudan regained 92% of these fertile lands, months ago, for the first time in 25 years after the Sudanese army withdrew from it.

And the Sudanese army chief, Al-Burhan, had previously pledged that his country would recover seven border posts with Ethiopia through diplomacy, not force.

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