Al-Railya: the alertness of a train commander who rescued a woman who had thrown herself at the head

10:50 PM

Sunday 07 March 2021

Books – Osama Ali:

The National Authority for Egyptian Railways announced today, Sunday, that while the 983 Aswan / Cairo train entered Abu Tisht station in Qena governorate, the train commander was surprised by a woman throwing herself on the railway, adding that the driver acted quickly and fully vigilantly so that he could in Rabat and stop the train before entering the station to avoid He ran over the lady who threw herself in front of him to make sure of her life.

According to a statement by the Railways Authority, the people who witnessed the incident carried the woman from the train road, to continue his journey afterwards to the station without any injuries or damage.

The authority confirmed that the woman who threw herself on the track was handed over to Abu Tasht police station.

For its part, the authority praised the vigilance and performance of the train conductor for his commitment to work and his eagerness to follow the instructions regulating the movement and safety of the trains, explaining that the entire team, the Minister, the Minister of Transport, had directed that the train commander be honored and rewarded, as he would be honored in the office of the head of the Railways Authority.

The Egyptian National Railways appealed to citizens to follow safety instructions when passing through railways in order to preserve their lives and the safety and regularity of the trains’ course.


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