Al-Rayhaneh explains the fact that he was beaten by the sons of George Wassouf

Khabarni – There has been news on social media that a dispute has occurred between singer George Wassouf and the artist’s sons since Rayhana.

As part of the activities of the first concert at Jerash Festival in Jordan.

And tweets were circulated by the pioneers of the social networking site Twitter, stating that Munther Rayhana had been beaten by the sons of George Wassouf.

Since Rayhana has left his silence to respond to these news by saying: I had the honor to present the Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, our guest and the guest of Jordan, he and all those with him, and thank God we presented an ancient Jordanian festival.

He continued: I would like to thank His Excellency Minister Ali Al-Ayed, and I would like to thank the festival director, Ayman Samawi, and I always serve Jordan and serve anything we can offer to Jordan.

He added: There was no disagreement, and if something spreads, it is about a dispute, people want to enter and people want to come out, and this is a simple thing that is not mentioned and happens in any festival.


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