Al-Sisi to “Najla Al-Manqoush”: Do not be afraid of the blame of the blamer..and the brother for the sake of God

07:51 PM

Sunday 20 June 2021


President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi received today, Sunday, the Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Naglaa Al-Manqoush. The official spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic stated that the President affirmed Egypt’s full support for the Presidential Council and the Libyan Government of National Unity, in their tasks during the transitional phase with the aim of restoring Libya’s security and stability.

President El-Sisi said: “Egypt provides full support to Libya and the Libyan people. Egypt and Libya are one national security, and we hope that the correction of the current political path will end with free elections that reflect the will of the Libyan people away from militias and armed groups.”

The President added: “Egypt’s positions have always been firm and clear. Egypt has always emphasized the necessity of Libyan territorial integrity and non-interference in Libya’s affairs.”

The president directed his speech to the minister, saying: “Continue with your patriotic stances, and do not fear for the sake of God the blame of the blamer, and I hope to convey my appreciation and greetings to all the brothers in Libya.”

For her part, Al-Manqoush said that she is happy with Egypt’s interest in the Libyan issue, and Egypt’s affirmation of the unity of the Libyan territories. She addressed the president, adding: “I am honored to meet you, everyone is proud of Egypt’s role in Libya. Egypt has a historical position that we salute.”

The Libyan minister also said: “We value the wisdom and leadership of President Sisi, and we count on the joint Egyptian-Libyan security cooperation, and we hope that Egypt will have an effective role in unifying the Libyan military institution.”

The minister added: “I spoke with the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, about Egypt’s support for the Libyan position at the Berlin 2 conference. We always need Egypt to create a balance in the region.”

And the minister continued: “Apart from any diplomatic courtesies, Egypt and Libya have relations of kinship and neighborliness, and we are now in dire need to enhance that cooperation, and we ask President Sisi to increase diplomatic representation between the two countries, especially before the upcoming Libyan elections, to send a message that Egypt and Libya are one country.” .

She added: “We are in a sensitive stage, and the unity government represents all Libyans, which is what we are trying to exploit to support peace and security in Libya, because peace creates space for democracy and transparent elections. Thank you for your support, Mr. President, for women first, and for Libya second.”

President Sisi replied: “You have brothers in Egypt who are keen on your security, and I am sure that the sensitive stage that Libya is going through now will pass well and peacefully.”


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