Alabama’s easing of restrictions has given “a false sense of security,” said Steven Reed, Mayor of Montgomery

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Corona virus cases are increasing in Alabama, where Governor Kay Ivey reopened summer camps, cinemas, casinos and more as part of recently expanded Safer at Home contracts. But not everyone in the state agreed that the reopening was the best plan, including Montgomery, Ala. Mayor Steven Reed, who said Monday that the eased restrictions have given people “a false sense of security.”

Reed spoke about CNN and said the increase in cases was partly due to the fact that people had decided that the COVID-19 pandemic was over and called the easing of restrictions a “mistake”.

“They are ready to go back to their normal way of working and that is a mistake we have made in the past few weeks. We have relaxed the restrictions in this community and across the state,” he said. “We are still in the middle of a crisis. We are still fighting this pandemic.”

While the loose rules allow certain companies to reopen and allow people to resume part of their normal lives, Alabama has seen an increase in COVID 19 cases in the past week. Alabama had 14,478 cases per May 24 data, an increase of 13,839 cases reported on May 23, the state health agency said. At least 551 people have died.

According to the Department of Health, cases of coronavirus have occurred in Montgomery County, with 1,188 cases and 32 deaths reported on May 25. According to, Montgomery County added 41 new cases and, together with Jefferson and Mobile Counties, accounted for almost 50% of the state’s new coronavirus cases. Last week, Reed said the situation in Montgomery was bad with only one intensive care bed left for patients. The city now has about six beds in the intensive care unit, he told CNN on Monday, which is only a “slight improvement”.

“We are still at a crisis level in this community,” he said.


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