Alain Berset: “The second wave is here, we must act” –

Asked on Sunday in the Forum show following new announcements from the Federal Council, the Minister of Health Alain Berset affirms that a second wave of the coronavirus epidemic has started in Switzerland. “We didn’t have any signals until about ten days ago that it was going to start so early and so loud,” he says.

The Federal Council has decided to make the wearing of a mask compulsory from Monday in all enclosed public spaces in the country. Other measures, such as limiting public meetings, have been announced to curb the spread of the virus.

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“We hope that these measures are sufficient. But it is true that these are much weaker measures than what we had expected in March in a very different situation, we did not know what was happening. These are regulatory measures, but no closure or ban “, indicates Alain Berset, convinced that this will only work” if our population understands that it is necessary to re-mobilize these skills that we had acquired earlier in the year “.

“We cannot exclude anything”

While France has instituted a curfew, the measures taken in Switzerland may appear less strict. But Alain Berset excludes nothing, not even a new semi-confinement.

“We are managing an unprecedented crisis, with a pandemic that we know little about. We can not exclude anything. We simply tried to be very proportionate,” said the Federal Councilor.

“Each country has to face the situation as it is at home. For ten days, the second wave is there and we must act. France experienced this situation earlier, has also tried to take measures to slow down evolution, obviously not enough, and has therefore strengthened its measures. It was also clear to us today that any strengthening of measures is possible in Switzerland. We would obviously like to avoid it, because then it would become very difficult for the economy and society in general “, adds Alain Berset.

Take back control

The Fribourgeois recognizes that Switzerland has entered an “unprecedented situation”, with the doubling of cases every week at a very high level.

“We know the translation of these cases to hospitalizations and then to deaths. If we do nothing, it promises us in three or four weeks very difficult situations.”


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