Alain Griset, Minister Delegate for SMEs, a man in the field with a sense of politics

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It is one of the new names of the Castex government and certainly not the best known: Alain Griset has been appointed Minister Delegate for Small and Medium Enterprises. A former taxi craftsman in the North, this experienced and skilled employer representative will have to oversee the recovery plan for SMEs. Quite a challenge.

At 67, Alain Griset did not yet have the experience, but already a certain sense of politics, glimpsed at the Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA), then at the Union of local businesses (U2P ), two organizations of which he assures a presidency sometimes qualified as authoritarian. But taxis in Bercy, its trajectory without leaving the road gives it legitimacy.

« It shows a desire to have someone who is on the ground, who knows what he is talking about. Because we know a Griset, his knowledge of both the files and his pugnacity who is able to carry out the files for the perimeter that he was entrusted with “, Comments Laurent Munerot, his successor at U2P.

His pugnacity, his grip, will undoubtedly be assets while 30% of small businesses are threatened with disappearance by the end of the year. But at Bercy, Alain Griset will also have to adapt.

Not easy for Jean-Guilhem Darré, general delegate of the Union of independents (SDI). ” What is pushed at the union level does not always have the possibility of being translated into the political field, he analyzes. The idea is really, as a trade unionist, to be a binder, to get information from the field. And going back to the information in the field from the moment you are in a ministry, it is more difficult. »

Difficult especially as the recovery plan for small businesses, presented at the end of June, is far from having convinced the main stakeholders. As a welcome gift one can dream better.

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