Alan Wake’s American Nightmare retrasa su llegada a Xbox Game Pass de PC

It is difficult not to praise one of the great virtues of Xbox Game Pass, which is undoubtedly its catalog. This does not stop growing every month, incorporating great titles that even arrive at launch. Today a good number of games arrive at the service, among which the premiere of Age of Empire IV.

Skipping the return of one of the best strategy games of all time, there are also other quite interesting games that also land on Xbox Game Pass. One of them is Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, the spin-off of the original Alan Wake that came later from it with a more arcade spirit. The game was going to arrive on both Xbox Game Pass on both console and PC, but unfortunately it has been delayed in the latter.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is coming later to Xbox Game Pass on PC

This news has reached us through the service account on Twitter. According to the tweet that you can see just below, it seems that the game does arrive today in a normal way to the Microsoft service for consoles, but nevertheless it will take a little longer to make it to the PC. We do not have an estimated date for the arrival of the game, but from Xbox Generation we will inform you.

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