Alan Walker World Tour Hong Kong will be held tomorrow Jiang Tao will not be able to attend due to physical illness

Tomorrow (6th) “Alan Walker Walkerverse The Tour”, the organizer also announced earlier that MIRROR will be a guest, and everyone is very concerned about whether MIRROR members will attend the event together. In November, because of Jiang Tao After being injured in a basketball game, MIRROR members have not been able to attend activities together.

shows Alan Walker’s iconic style no matter in terms of melody or rhythm, and even has similarities with . (Getty Images)
Alan Walker asks MIRROR to be a guest

Yesterday (4th), Jiang Yisheng (AK), Lu Juan (Edan) and Qiu Shijin (Stanley) responded to everyone in an interview after attending the film premiere: “We will attend together, and we will do whatever the performance is. You know the time.” But today (5th), the company posted on social platforms at any time that Jiang Tao was unable to attend due to physical illness: “Mirror was originally scheduled to be the guest of “Alan Walker Walkerverse The Tour” Hong Kong station tomorrow, but due to Jiang Tao Tao has been feeling ill recently. According to the doctor’s advice and discussion with the organizer, Jiang Tao will not attend tomorrow’s event. The team is deeply sorry for the absence of some members! I hope everyone will continue to support Alan Walker and MIRROR, and wish tomorrow’s performance a success.” All the mirror fans who hoped to be equal were once again disappointed.

Jiang Tao was unable to attend. (ig picture)

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