Albert Arenas is crowned Moto3 world champion

Albert Arenas is the new Moto3 World Champion. The Girona player has closed the season in the maximum expression of the tension and adrenaline tandem in a Portuguese Grand Prix in ‘all or nothing’, playing with his eight points advantage in the classification. It has been the most spectacular race on the post-border calendar, proving that motorcycling has life beyond Márquez, Rossi and now also Joan Mir. Arenas has taken the title from twelfth position. The conservative strategy has threatened the outcome to the finish line. The three-way fight with Ai Ogura (Honda) and Tony Arbolino (Honda) has become tougher with each lap.

That the champion did not look for a rhythm of victory has opened the stage of possibilities. The scheme of common sense has jumped through the air at the equator of the test. It has been the game of dynamics. Ogura has started discreetly between fear and patience of waiting for the moment to look for the ‘all in’. Arbolino was a satellite threat starting from 27th place. The Italian has generated panic with a comeback of a born competitor, entering the top10 with conviction. He has gone from self-discarding in the qualifying session to advancing Arenas in a delicious hand-to-hand.

Ogura’s improvement in the second group of the race has put Girona on the ropes. He has lost pace, his points income in the World Cup has been reduced to one more advance and the feeling of wear and tear has seemed definitive at times. Arenas has dignified the international crown with a last round of office. He stood firm when the pilots gritted their teeth. Each goal has had its own reality. The one from Girona was to keep the balance and make the best possible record in case Ogura or Arbolino managed to leave one more bike behind. It has been the difference between victory and the insignificance of second place.

“It’s been a pain, especially in the good times and the bad. At first I was comfortable and enjoying myself, but then I had some problems with the rear tire. The last lap was a mess and now we’re here. I have to assimilate it “, commented Arenas just leaving the bike, still with the pulsations to the maximum, trying to verbalize his emotions:” Like it or not many things go through your head, but I have been very calm these days, without thinking much about it and now everything has come to me all of a sudden. I am very happy and looking forward to talking to everyone, commenting on the race and watching it again to learn from this moment, “he insisted.

Bastianini, new Moto2 champion

Enea Bastianini has done his homework and lifted the Moto2 title. The Italian from Kalex has registered in the management of the Portimao race with the fifth position. It was the result he needed to learn from himself. Said and done. The aspirations were summed up in being able to meet to enter the group of Italian world champions. Remy Gardner (Kalex) held first place in the Grand Prix ahead of Italian Luca Marini (Kalex) and Britain’s Sam Lowes (Estrella Galicia 0’0 Kalex), who have scratched the standard performance to squeeze their options to take the World Cup to the end. “I don’t even know what to say. That’s amazing. It’s been a fantastic and very difficult season for the coronavirus pandemic. Today I’m the world champion. I want to dedicate the title to the team, my partner and family. It’s the best day of my life. It has been a great race, “Bastianini explained in the mixed zone.


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