News Albert Uderzo, the joyful tributes of the designers

Albert Uderzo, the joyful tributes of the designers


“Many designers have tried drawing by copying Asterix. What Albert Uderzo has given us in terms of expressiveness and character play is enormous, reacted, Tuesday March 24, Mathieu Sapin, to the disappearance of the master.

The one who, with his friend René Goscinny, helped raise comics to the rank of ninth art is widely praised by his grateful peers. Pencils in hand, it is essentially with humor, so precious in the eyes of the creators of Asterix, that they express their deep gratitude. And water social networks of drawings where lightness is interwoven with emotion.

Olivier Ménégol, who regularly sketches the news for Le Figaro, thus salutes his unequaled talent while referring to the infectious disease specialist Didier Raoult.

Faithful to the habits of the Gallic saga, some designers were also inspired by current events, with the Covid-19 epidemic in the background, to express themselves.

A find that recalls the 37th adventure of our irreducible Gauls, Asterix and the Transitalique, where the duo Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad, heirs of Uderzo and Goscinny, imagined an enemy named … Coronavirus.

The potion as a remedy against the Covid-19 … Like Ménégol, the Swiss press cartoonist Chappatte rocks us with this sweet illusion.

Moving, the drawing imagined by the press cartoonist Chaunu illustrating the happy reunion of the two accomplices.

Others soberly express their sadness.

A delicate group tribute …

Since 1959 and the publication of the first volume of the adventures of Asterix, many artists have grown up and have been inspired by Albert Uderzo. Comic book designer Enrico Marini has dedicated his love to another character created by Albert Uderzo, Oumpah Pah! “He was just a genius. “

Nob, Jul, Zep and even Lara remind us that Albert Uderzo is above all a model for a whole generation of designers.

In a more Japanese style, Maliki honors the influence of master Uderzo on his work.

Like Rafael Albuquerque, comic book designer: “Sad to learn of the death of master Albert Uderzo. Believe it or not, one of my biggest influences in comics. Asterix was the first comic book I read in my aunt’s library. With him, I learned the expression more than anyone. Thank you teacher!

The succession is assured. The refined and serene image of Riad Sattouf completes to convince us.

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