Alberth Elis al Boavista: The jersey number that the Honduran will wear in Portugal – Ten

Alberth Elis is packing suitcases, the player is already immersed in his journey to Portugal to join the discipline of Good view from Call us.

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In the ‘Black Panthers’ the striker of the Honduras national team He will be a partner of the also forward Catracho Jorge Benguché, so it is expected that their adaptation to the city will be faster.

TEN learned that the player will travel this Thursday to Portugal to pass the respective medical examinations with the Portuguese entity on Saturday and, later, sign the agreement for four years.

This Wednesday Daniel Solis, the player’s representative, attended Diario La Prensa, where he revealed the number of the shirt that Alberth Elis will use in his first intervention in the football of Europe.

“We understand that he will play with number 17 because number 7 is already occupied,” Solís told the aforementioned Honduran media.

It is worth mentioning that this shirt number will not be unknown to ‘La Panterita’ since it is the number that he used before in the Hosuton Dynamo from MLS y is the number he plays with in the Honduras national team.


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