“Alberto Fernandez and Lula da Silva’s Joint Statement: Working Toward Economic Relief and Prosperity in South America”

2023-05-03 15:39:08

They held a meeting of more than four hours and, later, Alberto Fernandez y Lula da Silva They also shared a working dinner and a joint statement. At the Palacio de la Alvorada, in Brasilia, the presidents ratified the mutual harmony and Fernández took the balm that he expected, Lula’s commitment that she will intercede before the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to alleviate the debt burden. The President “is going to return more calm” to Argentina, Lula said, “without money, but with a lot of political willingness” on his part to help him “find a way out” of the economic problems. “I value the explicit support that President Lula has given us,” Fernández celebrated.

The Argentine president arrived at the Brazilian presidential residence after 5:45 p.m. Minutes before, Tango 04 had landed, where Fernández traveled accompanied by the Ministers of Economy, Sergio MassaOf Foreign Affairs, santiago cafieroand the chief of staff, Agustín Rossiamong others.

“It is a joy to receive my friend Alberto Fernández”, was the welcome that Lula dedicated to him, who already anticipated his good predisposition: “Together we are stronger”, he said. His entourage was made up of Vice President Geraldo Alckmin; the Minister and Vice Minister of Economy, Fernando Haddad and Gabriel Galípolo; The chancellor Mauro Vieira; Celso AmorimLula’s special adviser on international affairs, and other officials.

The four hours of meeting had the corollary that they expected in the national government. In the subsequent statement, Lula announced: “I will do everything and any sacrifice so that we can help Argentina in this difficult moment. We have already talked with the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and we will continue talking to see how we can help. I intend to talk through my Minister of Finance with the IMF to remove the knife from Argentina’s neck“, he explained. And it did not stop there: “The IMF knows how it got into debt and to whom it lent the money”, so “it cannot continue to pressure a country that only wants to grow, create jobs and improve people’s lives”. The Brazilian’s speech was thus aligned with the direct questioning of the Frente de Todos to the Monetary Fund, due to the conditions of the loan granted to the government of Mauricio Macri.

Lula asked Fernández to “communicate to the Argentine people” that Brazil “assumes a commitment to Mercosur and Argentina and that we will do everything in our power and within our possibilities to solve all the problems, for Argentina to once again be the prosperous economy of South America“, he remarked. “Brazil’s most important trading partner is Argentina. While the PT governed, we reached a commercial flow with Argentina of 39 billion dollars. That is possible when the two economies are working and that is why we want to build with Argentina and build with our businessmen in favor of Argentina. Brazil assumes the commitment”, completed the Brazilian president.

Next to Lula Da Silva, Fernández smiled. “I celebrate and value the explicit support that President Lula has given us as a country and as a government”he said in turn. “They have made the decision to help Brazilian companies continue exporting to Argentina and they had asked us for some homework that we have done, they have to do with the necessary guarantees so that Brazil can favor these credits,” explained the President. He also announced that the Economy teams from both countries will meet next week to implement the agreements.

The meeting that brought some air to the President, harassed by the economic crisis and by the internal crisis of the Frente de Todos that had already subdued his aspirations, had begun to take shape last week, one of the worst for the current government. Last Thursday Lula and Fernández coordinated the meeting in a dialogue via teleconference. They spoke again on Saturday, this time by phone. It was a prolonged conversation and that was where the bilateral ended.

Fernández and his entourage will leave Brasilia this Wednesday morning. They will do it towards Catamarca, where the President will participate in an act of delivery of houses.

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