Alberto Fernández denounces mistreatment of delegation in Bolivia

(CNN Español) — The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, denounced this Friday night through his Twitter account that deputies of his country “were mistreated” in Bolivia, when they came to fulfill the tasks of observers of the elections this Sunday.

The president stated that it is “the direct responsibility of the de facto government of Jeanine Añez to preserve the integrity of the Argentine delegation.”

In his publication, Fernández shared a tweet of the deputy for Buenos Aires Leonardo Grosso, where he shows the letter with which the Presidency of the Bolivian Senate requested the Plurinational Electoral Body of that country to accredit Argentine legislators in order to participate as observers.

In another message, Deputy Grosso, from the Evita Movement, shared videos in which he stated that armed troops “illegally detained” Argentine deputy Federico Fagioli, and that they beat a diplomat who was accompanying him.

“It is an absolute outrage against democracy. They are violating all kinds of laws and international treaties, ”wrote Grosso on the social network.

In the audiovisual material uploaded by the parliamentarian, it is heard when the Argentine delegation asked the Police where they wanted to take the detainees, but no response is audible. Nor did the complainant specify how this intervention began.

This Saturday, Deputy Fagioli offered an interview to Radio Nacional de Argentina where he related that, after the episode, they managed to let him pass to Bolivia and that they are now evaluating what participation the delegation will have.

The Bolivian Government Ministry indicated in a statement that no Argentine deputy or official was detained.

From La Paz in a press conference, the Bolivian Government Minister, Arturo Murillo, referred to the situation of Argentine deputy Federico Fagioli after his arrival in Bolivia on Friday night at the international airport in the city of El Alto.

«Last night there was a stream of disinformation indicating that Argentine deputies had been arrested. That never happened. The Bolivian Police or Immigration never detained anyone. Yes, Mr. Fagioli was told that he was not welcome to Bolivia and to please return to his country. He came with other Argentine deputies. With the others there was no problem, “said Murillo.

The minister said that the Argentine legislator was detained at the airport for pointing out “that he was entering the country as a tourist, when in fact he arrived in Bolivia as a guest of the president of the Senate,” Eva Copa, of the Movement for Socialism.

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