Alberto Fernández: the OAS is a squad against popular governments

The Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, said that the Organization of American States (OAS) “as it is it does not work” and that “it is a squad” that advances on the popular governments of Latin America, in a virtual meeting for the second anniversary of the Grupo de Puebla forum, according to EFE.

Fernández pointed out that the years of the Donald Trump government (2017-2021) in the United States “made the OAS not a meeting place for Latin America.”

Instead, he pointed out that the OAS is “a sort of American gendarmerie squad to advance on popular governments in Latin America.”

The Argentine president added that the actions of the OAS in Bolivia “necessarily have to be investigated and they have to be tried,” regarding irregularities reported in the presidential elections held in 2019, when Evo Morales had triumphed.

“The OAS as it is is useless. The first one who has to do mea culpa is Mr. (Luis) Almagro for the amount of things he has done, “said Fernández, adding that” also the US institutions for having proposed and supported a man like Almagro. ” .

“We only disagree in that area,” he insisted and recalled that he works so that the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) “is the place of replacement.”

Peoples blockades

Fernández also pointed out that “there are also societies in Latin America that suffer economic blockages in the midst of a pandemic,” to later highlight that “a government is not blocked, a society is blocked.”

The Argentine had already asked to end the blockades in response to the massive protests in Cuba two weeks ago.

“The blockades should embarrass those who promote them,” he said.

“Latin America should rise up against the blockades,” he said, since “it has a moral obligation, an ethical duty to do so.”

“We go around the world explaining to Europe, the US, that those blockades that have been launched were useless,” said Fernández, and explained that “the best way is not to intervene governments, but to let governments choose them. people”.

The problems of external debt

Fernández also foresaw that “debt is going to be a problem” for the world and for Latin America.

He acknowledged that for Argentina “it already is”, because the country owes about 45 billion dollars to the International Monetary Fund.

“We should be united before our creditors to have more strength, to have better conditions,” he harangued.

“In the division, we all lose,” he insisted.

Return of the left in the region

The Puebla Group forum, to which various political figures from 15 countries between Spain and Latin America belong -among them several ex-presidents-, celebrated this Wednesday two years since its creation as an instance to defend progressivism within the region.

Fernández said that Trump’s years in power explain the current state of the OAS and the Inter-American Development Bank, the birth of the Lima Group and Prosur.

Instead, it celebrated the agreement with Mexico to produce the AstraZeneca vaccine against covid-19, the triumph of Luis Arce in Bolivia and considered “a breath of fresh air” the triumph of Pedro Castillo in Peru.

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