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Alberto Galíndez, the governor of the state with the highest participation

Alberto Galindez. Photo: @albertogalindez

Alberto Galindez won in Cojedes. He defeated Nosliw Rodríguez, the standard bearer of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). The difference was substantial. Galíndez took a 10.94% advantage over Rodríguez. In figures: 71,508 votes against 54,975 votes.

The participation figures in Cojedes were 54.32%, the highest in an entity. It is well above the national average.

In Cojedes there are nine municipalities, six of them were in the hands of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), including where San Carlos is, the capital, which Alexander Mireles won.

Alberto Galindez
Vote for Alberto Galíndez. Source: CNE

Contribution to the cause of Galíndez

The municipalities that contributed the most to Galíndez’s cause were Ezequiel Zamora (22,491 votes) and Tinaquillo (20,232 votes). The new governor lost in the Anzoátegui and Ricaurte municipalities, where there are now mayors from the PSUV. One fact to highlight, however, is that he won in Pao de San Juan Bautista, a town that is now governed by Jexon Suárez, from the PSUV.

Some municipalities of Cojedes exceeded 60% of participation, something unprecedented in the elections of November 21: Lima Blanco (69.16%) and Ricaurte (64.1%). Girardot, another of the municipalities, registered 59.2%.

44.16% of Galíndez’s votes came from the MUD card. The MAS, Fuerza Vecinal, Convergencia and Unión Progreso were other factors that contributed to the cause of the current governor of Cojedes.

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