Alberto Lamelas, value of law

Few days ago, Victorino Martin He has fought an extraordinary bullfight in Albacete, in which Rubén Pinar and Sergio Serrano (a great winner of that Fair, who we miss this afternoon) were heroic. He also led a good run at the San Miguel Fair, in which Emilio de Justo achieved a great task, he brushed open the Puerta del Príncipe. Complete this series of challenges the rancher fighting in the Autumn Fair from Madrid
[así lo contamos en directo]: a very serious, blatant python run, but complicated, with little game. Neither of his two bulls has given Domingo López Chaves any option for showing off. In his first Victorino bullfight, Jesús Enrique Colombo has

shown will. Alberto Lamelas has been made an uncle, he has deserved to turn the ring.

A minute of silence is kept for the one remembered Paquirri. All Spain shuddered when they saw the video in which, mortally wounded, the right-hander recommended tranquility to the doctors who were going to operate: thus he entered the region of mythical heroes.

To the veteran Lopez Chaves We have just seen him curdle one of the best afternoons of his life at the Salamanca Fair, his land, alternating with two leading figures. When you have been given the opportunity to enter a luxury cartel, you have taken full advantage of it. He deals well with the cape to the first, who returns quickly and limps from behind, raising protests. With a lot of skill, he takes out some crutches but the bull falls short, he does not allow more brilliance. Kill the second. Due to the falls, the public has not entered the task. The fourth, with showy perches, stops short at the start of the casts, lets itself be hit, is reserved, gives arreones, returns quickly. The professionalism of Domingo López Chaves hides the defects but the bull does not repeat, the crutches are one at a time and people do not get excited. Kill the third.

Taxi driver life

The Jaén Alberto Lamelas, now in his late thirties, has faced tough bullfights many times in France. Anecdotally, he made a living as a taxi driver, while trying to make his way into the ring. He goes to portagayola in the second, very veleto, go hangers!, Which he lances with great dedication. Undaunted by the horns, he calls out to him from afar, he crosses over to the opposing python, in a fiddle of authentic value, culminating in soft naturals, with a lot of echo. He is docked with the bull with the sword, detached. Lamelas is back in portagayola in the fifth and returns to play it, in some sets that evoke the Bullfighting of other times. He leaves the bull away and David Prados catches himself in two good punches. Say hello to his crew: José Mora, Prestel and Marco Galán, in the fight. Again the hand is crossed and lowered, in exciting crutches because it is being played for real. The passes are uneven but the task has an indisputable merit. He enters to kill with decision but the sword remains low. Great applause but some prevent me from going around the ring: it seems to me an excessive demand.

The Venezuelan Jesus Enrique Colombo, 23 years old, son of a bullfighter, deluded the Madrid fans, from novillero. Like so many, he has become a matador but those of us who remember his good afternoon in Las Ventas maintain our confidence in him. The third, tall, veleto, recalls Góngora’s verse, “The arms of his forehead are crescent,” but he falters. Colombo flagging, riding the bull and nailing with spectacular jumps. It is Victorino’s first bullfight that kills, it is difficult for him to engage with the irregular attacks of the bull although he tries, with determination, and kills butt. In the last one, Pedro’s picador Israel wins a standing ovation. Spectacular Colombo flag but it nails back, with division of opinions. Although the bull hits arreones, he fights with him, achieves some crutches, swallowing a lot, but prolongs the task.

There have been no trophies but I have not been bored or distracted for a moment. What a difference with so many things that I have seen these days in Sevilla! Of course, there have been much more aesthetic tasks, but also bulls with very little breed and strength and, without a bull, for me, everything falls apart. I applaud the example of Alberto Lamelas, bullfighter and taxi driver, without ‘glamor’, unknown to the general public: this afternoon, he has been quite a bullfighter. He has embodied the title of the Coen brothers’ film: ‘Courage of the law’. The truth of bullfighting.


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