Albinos Kongo, Klon, Silvain Vanot … the playlist of the “Libé” music book

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Albino Congo, unknown planet

The characteristic of the new rising generation is to have absolutely nothing to give a damn about the boxes. And go ahead, I’ll happily mix you RnB and grunge, pop and house, song and ambient, noise and electro, musette and hardcore, often for the worse, it’s true, but luckily sometimes for the better. So this agitated collective from Nantes with a composition as anarchic as their music, articulated around Tristan d’Hervez and Pierre Stroska. Two sacred shakes, great gurus of a sound exploration of all kinds, whose latest record (the second) could not find a better name than Space Jam EP.

Produced without any stylistic constraints, these six titles take us around at the speed of light in a space shuttle where Sexy Sushi and La Femme would fight to hold the handle under the bulging eyes of Primal Scream. Hence the incessant jolts caused by the bombardments of fuzz and the surging bass that rattle us towards an unknown planet.

But what could be better than having all your benchmarks turned upside down while listening to a record? The feeling is further accentuated by the incantatory vocal borborygmes, from an indeterminate language, which occasionally punctuate these compositions of the third type. Stay Or Die, the title of one of their burners, perfectly summing up the (?) threatening choice that presents itself to listeners. One does not dare to imagine what it must give on stage. Or rather if. And we’re in a hurry.

Patrice Bardot

Space Jam EP (Incredible Kids/Futur Records/Kuroneko)

The news

Clone, Noise

The clan of seven young crazy people, girls and boys mixed, followers of an absolute DIY: from music to music videos, including their clothes. Crazy. Hence a certain mess in the compositions. New wave of the third type bottle-fed with French pop. It slams.

Widowspeak, Jeannie

Just the sensitive Molly Hamilton meows like a mantra one “I do not know” (in French in the text) so that we can base ourselves on this stripped-down americana. So yes, we have the impression of having already listened to that a hundred times. No big deal, we’re going for a hundred-first.

Ascendant Virgo, Influencer

Welcome to Chéperland. Extravagant new techno-pop diva Mathilde Fernandez joins forces with hardcore king Paul Seul (Casual Gabberz). A bit as if Mylène Farmer spent her nights getting high with chum in a rave lost in Kazakhstan. It’s still a hit.

Peter III, Magma

Released in July on the obsessive mixtape of the ex-singer Cover de Racket, this Magma alangui accompanied us all summer. This meeting on a beach in summer between Tame Impala and Serge Gainsbourg deserves an autumn success. We are waiting for the rest.

Silvain Vanot, Real # 1

We knew him singer, beautiful voice misunderstood of French folk rock of the 90s, he returns to Bandcamp as a sound artist with an instrumental album recorded during confinement while bewitching ghanging uitares and floating drum machine. Beautiful melancholy.



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