Alcoholism: how to talk to your doctor?

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On the eve of National Drug Addiction Day, we are talking about alcoholism with a general practitioner, who is on the front line in the care of alcohol-dependent patients. Physical, psychological, sexual, social disorders… Violence, delusions, death: seen from the office of a general practitioner, alcohol abuse constitutes a major peril.

Should you stop drinking or just reduce your consumption? How to help a loved one who is dependent? What can this addiction hide?

At the end of the program, we are talking about the scientific congress which takes place in Douala in Cameroon from October 14 to 16 ” Interdisciplinary and Transversal Health Conference “(CITSA 2021). With Dr Jean Louis Nguewa, endocrinologist, president of the CITSA 2021 organizing committee and vice-president of the MedCamer Medical Commission.


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