Aldi adds: cargo e-bike available again at a bargain price

In times of Corona and the reluctance to use local public transport, this Aldi deal should be of great interest. Because Aldi is knocking a cargo e-bike at a price for which you would otherwise not get a normal cargo bike with a motor – 3,249 euros. This allows you to conveniently transport your purchases home instead of using public transport. Your child can also be easily taken from A to B.

Since Thursday, April 2nd, the Prophet E-Cargo Bike has been available for 3,249 euros via the Aldi delivers service in both the Aldi North and Aldi South business areas. You don’t usually get a Long John at this price, as cargo bikes are also called. The offer is said to be valid until April 25th or while stocks last. However, the e-bike was already sold out in the Aldi Nord delivery area after just a few hours. At Aldi Süd there was and still is a cargo bike. The only question is for how long. After all: It seems that Aldi Nord found a few of these e-bikes in the warehouse. Because today you can order the Prophete E-Cargo again via Aldi delivers. However, “less than 25 pieces” are still available, according to Aldi Nord.
Let’s take a closer look at the bike: The most important information is the Range, the prophet cargo bike with AEG mid-engine supposedly manages 100 kilometers here. According to the manufacturer, the 36 volt battery takes 5 hours to be fully charged again.

The engine produces 250 watts and pushes you up to 25 km / h – that is the maximum that is permitted in Germany for pedelecs without a license plate or driving license. To 170 kilograms the bike is resilient (including the rider). In this context, we like that the bike supports you when pushing up to 6 km / h, especially since the bike also helps 41 kilograms (incl. battery) itself is definitely not a lightweight.

When cycling, an 8-speed derailleur (but only with a gear lever, not with twist grips) and hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro support you, with which we have not had the best experience even with other bikes.

Further details are, for example, a AEG LC display including USB charging function, a bipod stand and a 70 lux LED front light and a rear light, both of which are powered by the battery.

The tires measure 20 inches in diameter at the front and 26 inches in diameter at the rear, the frame 48 inches. According to Aldi, the bike is suitable for people with a height of 1.60 to 1.90 meters.

Let’s look at them Pet crate is noticeable: It is not a simple box, but also quite suitable to transport children in it. Finally, it is padded and equipped with a 5-point belt. In addition, the price is one Rain cover included.

According to Aldi, the bike is delivered ready to drive within three to 15 working days.

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