Aldi employee is forced to beg her customers: ‘My staff are tired’

Louisa Brown, who works at an Aldi supermarket in the UK, gave a heartfelt cry on Facebook, where she asked her customers to be a little more lenient with staff in stores. She asked them to have a thought for those who work tirelessly in this heat so that everyone can shop peacefully.

The publication has gone viral on social networks: “Yes, it’s the season for nonsense. But spare a thought for the people working in this heat so you can keep your cupboards stocked. When we tell you we don’t have a product, we really do. »

“Yes, it’s our job”

“The stock is worked and reworked every hour. My staff are tired, but they always try to keep a smile and keep working no matter what. Yes, it’s our job, but it’s also a passion and we love doing what we do. If there’s a line, get in line: we always try to go as fast as possible,” she continues.

She concludes with a real cry from the heart: “Making fun of my staff or insulting them and, in general, being a complainer, will do you no good. Remember that you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Anyway, I’m just trying to tell you that everything will be better if you’re nice. Smile at the strangers around you and remember that we are doing our best. Aldi staff are doing their best every day, despite the difficult situation. Showing guts and determination is the key to success. #TeamAldi. »

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