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According to anonymous sources cited by Los Angeles Times, before the fatal shot of Alec Baldwin – that claimed the life of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, on the set of Rust, the movie being made when the incident occurred – there had already been three previous gun accidents on the day of shooting.

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The police investigation on Saturday focused on the specialist in charge of the weapon and the assistant director who handed it over to the American actor after shouting the phrase ‘Cold weapon’, which meant it was safe, according to the director’s statement. Joel Souza, who was also injured. He was hospitalized and released.

On the other hand, the research takes into account the call 911, in which the discomfort within the set towards the person who should have verified the content of the weapon is visible.

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Police questioned Baldwin, but have not pressed charges against him.

Souza said in a statement Saturday that he was devastated by the loss of his friend and colleague. “She was kind, vibrant, incredibly talented (…) and always pushed me to be better,” she told the publication. Deadline.

The pistol, which was supposed to have a blank cartridge, had instead a loaded cartridge, according to the affidavit presented by the office of the sheriff to obtain a search warrant, local media reported.

The affidavit ensures that the deputy director Dave Halls, identified as the man who handed the gun to Baldwin, yelled “cold weapon” as he did so. It is the language of the industry to indicate that a weapon has only one bullet.

The phone call to 911

‘This son of … is supposed to check weapons, he’s responsible for what happens on set.’

The court document, obtained by AFP, says Halls did not know the gun was loaded. Police are focusing on the exact sequence of events that brought live ammunition onto the set of Rust, a ‘western’ set in the 19th century.

On the phone call to 911 immediately after the shooting, you could hear the shock and anger felt on set.

– “We have two people who were accidentally shot with a prop pistol; we need help immediately,” says the person calling a police officer.

– “Was it loaded with a real bullet?” Asks the operator.

– “No … I can’t tell you,” says the caller. “This son of a bitch is supposed to check the weapons, he’s responsible for what happens on set.”

Gun safety guidelines detailed by the Actors’ Equity Association specify that “all firearms loading must be carried out by the property owner, gunsmith, or experienced individuals working under their direct supervision.”

The guidelines recommend: “Before each use, make sure the weapon has been tested offstage and then test it yourself. Watch as the propmaster checks the cylinders and barrel to make sure no foreign objects or dummy bullets are caught. has lodged inside “.

Baldwin said Friday that he was heartbroken and was fully cooperating with the investigation into “how this tragedy happened.”

He retweeted a news item in the trade magazine Variety titled “Alec Baldwin Was Told Prop Gun Safe Before Fatal Shooting, According To Affidavit.”

One set I chase

The pistol used, and two others, were provided by the film’s weapons master, Hannah Gutiérrez-Reed, 24, the daughter of Thell Reed, a longtime film industry gunsmith.

In a September podcast, the young Gutiérrez-Reed said that she had some concerns about assuming the role of head gunsmith for the first time in the previous film she worked on, The Old Way.

“I was very nervous at first and almost didn’t take the job because I wasn’t sure I was ready,” she said on the podcast. Voices from the West, before adding: “But doing it, everything went very well.”

Halls and Gutiérrez-Reed could not be immediately reached for comment.

Prosecutor Mary Carmack-Altwies said in a statement Friday that the case is in its preliminary stages, adding: “At this time, we do not know if charges will be filed.”

The newspaper Los Angeles Times, Citing anonymous sources, he reported that there had been at least three prop gun failures before the fatal accident, and that some members of the team had protested the working conditions.

The newspaper reported that at least one camera operator had sent a message to a production manager, saying: “There have already been three accidental discharges. This is super unsafe.”

Rust Movie Productions said in a statement that it had not been aware of any “official complaints” but that it would “continue to cooperate with the Santa Fe authorities.” It said it was also conducting an internal review.

What is known about the shooting of Alec Baldwin

Over the weekend, images were released of actor Alec Baldwin accompanying the husband and minor son of the late Hutchins. At the same time, there were all kinds of analysis throughout the film industry about the protocols that are followed in a shoot inside and outside the United States.

It is known that at the time of the accident he was not filming, but rehearsing a scene in which Baldwin, sitting on a bench behind a church, pointed at the camera. He had to remove the gun from the fuda that was on the opposite side of the hand he was going to use.

Baldwin had to point the gun looking at the camera and was trying to explain how he would draw the firearm when the actual shot was made. The director, Souza, was behind Hutchins looking over his shoulder and was therefore shocked when the shot occurred on stage at Rancho Bonanza Creek, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Thursday.

Souza only heard what “sounded like a whip and then a loud bang,” his affidavit reported. He then saw Hutchins “complaining about his stomach and clutching his waist.”

At the time, cameraman Reid Russell was present, who also claimed that Hutchins complained of not feeling her legs while being treated.

All this happened – according to the statements of the director and the cameraman – in the middle of a strike by the camera department for payment and accommodation. That’s why there was only one camera at the time and it wasn’t recording. However, the police have asked whoever was present or who had recordings, even on cell phones, of everything that happened on stage for full collaboration.

On the set there were three people in charge of the firearms for the scenes, according to Souza: the gunsmith, the first assistant director and the actor. He also denied knowing if anyone on set had live ammunition.

“Only firearms are checked to avoid having live ammunition in them,” added the director.

Russell also does not explain why the shot was fired if the actor was only showing where his arm would be when drawing. He also claimed that Baldwin had been careful.

The man who handed the gun to Baldwin

CNN highlighted the fact that David Halls, the assistant director, yelled “cold weapon” and handed the actor one of three props that the gunsmith put in a car for the film. Halls said he did not know he had real bullets.

The same outlet noted that Halls has a history of safety and behavioral oversights on set in two previous shoots, in 2019, citing people who have worked with him. These complaints, according to CNN, include “a disregard for safety protocols for the use of weapons and pyrotechnics, blocked fire lanes and exits, and instances of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.”

Specifically, CNN cited a statement from prop maker Maggie Goll, who during her stint at Into The DarkIn the first half of 2019, Halls stopped holding security meetings and did not announce to the team that there were firearms on set, as is protocol.

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