Alejandra Baigorria confessed details about her mother’s state of health after dedicating jump to her

The model revealed that her mother Verónica Alcalá has already been hospitalized for 15 days FIA and his family is not having a good time.

Alejandra Baigorria confessed details about his mother’s state of health Veronica Alcala in behind the scenes of the program after the fighter dedicated her jump to him in “Reto de Altura”. The model revealed how her family is in these difficult times.

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“I really jumped for my mom because I need the job right now. Obviously my mom is in FIA fifteen days ago and we know that the clinic is a very complicated issue. My brother is crying at home because he saw me jump because in reality the family is not having a good time. It’s quite difficult to smile and come (to the show), “said the couple from Said Palao.

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