Alejandra Fosalba comes to Mega to join Hidden Truths | TV and Show

Hidden Truths returns to the screen this October 19, after five months off the air as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

And his return will be great, because the production has just added a new member to its cast. It’s about the actress Alejandra Fosalba, who will debut in Mega after a brief stint on Channel 13, last year

Although details of her character are not yet known, the 51-year-old actress claims to be happy. “Unfortunately I still cannot tell much about my character, but I can assure you that I had never done something like this,” The fourth.

According to the interpreter, the invitation to join the project came “at an unexpected moment” and “filled her with excitement.” “In these strange times I was focused on other projects, but this work has that wonder, that it always surprises you and can turn your career around. I did not expect it and nobody told me anything, it just happened, “he added.

Fosalba, who worked at TVN for 24 years, revealed that she is very happy to return to work with former colleagues. “It has been wonderful, little by little I am reuniting with friends of so many years. It’s like going back to my beginnings, so many stories, so much work, love, growth, “he said.

“I could not feel more comfortable and excited. I always thought about how happy I would be to work with Quena again until it happened, “he closed.

It was previously announced that Cristián Campos He would also join the soap opera, after leaving Channel 13, where he worked for 40 years.


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