News Alejandro, an unscrupulous sexual predator: «You are looking for...

Alejandro, an unscrupulous sexual predator: «You are looking for a housekeeper. 400 euros per day »


He deceived his victims through exorbitant job offers to quench their low sexual instincts at the time the alleged interviews took place. This is how this violent predator, 40 years old and of Peruvian origin, acted for having attacked at least four women. His “modus operandi” was always the same: he placed the advertisements on web pages dedicated to the job search and, once the appointment was agreed to meet his dams face-to-face, in a Valdemoro home, he threatened them, attacked them and, finally, he abused them without any compassion. The Civil Guard has hunted him after relating several complaints, given the similarities reported by those affected.

The agents of the Judicial Police Team of the locality verified during the operation, called Scort, that the individual offered up to 300 and 400 euros per day in exchange for cleaning in homes or therapeutic massages, in order to capture the attention of Women in an unfavorable economic situation. In all the messages, the enchanted man called himself Alejandro and asked the interested parties to send their telephone numbers at an email address attached.

Once contacted, he placed them in a street of Valdemoro to interview them and, in some cases, to formalize the contracts. To do this, he picked them up on foot and walked to a home, in order to gain their trust. Inside, asserting his physical superiority, he committed sexual aggressions, even photographing his private parts and passports to blackmail them with his dissemination before any threat of denunciation.

Completed the investigations, the agents of the Armed Institute proceeded to the arrest of a neighbor of the municipality, which responds to the initials J. J. V. Y., with a background for similar facts. After being made available to the judge, he decreed his entry into provisional prison, accused of four crimes with sexual assault with carnal access.

Crimes grow
One of the most worrisome data of the Criminal Balance of the Ministry of Interior, published this week, is the notorious increase in crimes against freedom and sexual intimacy with respect to the latest recorded statistics. In 2019, 2,221 such shares were registered, 10.3 percent more than the previous year. Of these, 243 were sexual assaults with penetration, 9 less than in 2018. Violations related to drug trafficking, robberies with violence and intimidation, injuries and tumultuarial quarrels also grew significantly. Instead, the consummate murders and attempted homicide fell. .


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