Alejandro Sanz recalls that Shakira took 9 hours to comb her hair for the music video


© Photo: @alejandrosanz

One of the things that have characterized Shakira Throughout his career it has been his great hair, which in its beginnings changed a lot in style until it remained in the usual curly blonde. However, his impersonations for the different music videos weren’t always easy, so he remembers. Alejandro Sanz.

The singer recalled in his social networks a curious anecdote that he will never forget, as he assured that his colleague she took “nine hours” fixing her hair for the video recording of ‘Thank you but no’.

With a photograph taken in 2007, during the audiovisual of the successful and remembered musical theme, Sanz He said that after the time it took ShakiraWhen he saw her, he decided to play a little joke.

When she was finally ready, I very kindly said to her: “Shaki, you’re a bit disheveled, are you going to record the video like this?” He wanted to do his hair again, but I convinced him it was a joke. And thank goodness, but to this day we would still be recording 😂.

The publication has received more than 4 thousand comments and several of them state that with sufficient reasons the artist took so long, because it was worth it because “to this day it looks beautiful in the video”, in addition to ensuring that the song “is tremendous success. “

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