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Colombian comedian Juan Ricardo Lozano, better known under the nickname ‘Alert’ or ‘Cuentahuesos’, entered the ‘Caracol Televisión’ program ‘Sábados Felices’ in 1991, when he was 24 years old.

At that time, while it was under the direction of Alfonso Lizarazo, the program was a success.

However, the audience for the show has been declining. In fact, it is surpassed in rating by ‘Factor X’, a reality show on ‘Canal RCN’, its direct competition. Last Saturday, February 20, for example, the joke show had a rating of 4.7, while the music contest got 5.2.

This has been happening since last January 16, something that had not happened since 2011 when it was surpassed by ‘Hard against the world’, according to ‘Rating Colombia’. Even so during that year his rating was higher than 7.0.

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(If you read us from the app see here the trill of ‘Rating Colombia’).

In an interview with the medium ‘The 2 Shores‘,’ Alert ‘, 57, made statements against the directives of’ Happy Saturdays’ and also expressed sadness at the changes in the program.

Among other confessions, he said that he made complaints about the schedule since “In one day we worked 18 hours, recording up to 8 programs (…) It was exhausting. From that we managed to go to four programs in one day ”, he assured about the show, which is now directed by Francisco Javier Bohórquez.

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In one day we work 18 hours, recording up to 8 programs

He also spoke of the “mistreatment” that was caused to the extras, referring to an occasion in which an actress was invited to the artists’ dining room and “they took her out, they expelled her.” He also said that they were accommodated like “cows, like donkeys, on the floor.”

In fact, he pointed out that he could not bear the “labor and sexual harassment” and the “abuses against human beings” and decided to speak out.

He says that was why he left the program in 2018, after 26 years of being on the channel. By then his boss was the journalist Juan Ignacio Velásquez, who, according to the comedian, did not allow certain things to be denounced.

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Regarding ‘Caracol Televisión’, he assured that he is very distant from his executives. “A thing like a Zidane and James Rodriguéz,” he said to the aforementioned digital medium.

“New executives entered and they have given it a turn that does not correspond to the linearity that the channel brought,” said ‘Alert’, also pointing out that, according to him, the supposed decline of the program is due to “bad administration” since before “the comedians were the most important thing”, while for him now the executives are the ones who want the leading role.

“They are running the reins of a program that is totally destroyed and finished. And I don’t say it, the rating says it “said the comedian who is now part of ‘La Luciérnaga’ from ‘Caracol Radio’ and has his own show.

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(Can you read us from the app? See here the publication of ‘Alert).

Finally, he spoke of great figures of Colombian humor who are forgotten such as Hugo Patiño or Álvaro Lemmon, who for many years were also part of the jokes program.

According to ‘Alert’, they were the ones who sustained the channel for a long time, since the program was the “economic epicenter and today it is in the backyard, relegated and almost thrown into the bin”, he assured.

So far none of the directors and representatives of the program, which this February 24 is celebrating its 49th anniversary on the air, has commented on the matter.

Other comedians who have left the show

The comedian ‘Alert’ is not the only one who has recently left the show, which holds a Guinness record for being the oldest to still be on the air.

Comedian Norberto López, who left in 2019, has stated on several occasions that his dismissal was not given on the best terms but, on the contrary, he received the letter suddenly, which was a hard blow for him.

On the other hand, ‘Lokillo’ Florez said on February 7 that, By personal decision and on good terms, he also leaves ‘Happy Saturdays’. Contrary to what was indicated by ‘Cuentahuesos’, he said in a trill that he was leaving “happy and grateful with the directives.”

(If you read us from the app see here the comedian’s trill).

Despite this, there are still several familiar faces that remain in the show, among which are ‘Gorda’ Fabiola, ‘Polilla’ and Heriberto Sandoval.

Despite the strong statements, the joke show, whose first broadcast was given in 1972 under the name ‘Champions of laughter’, continues to be in the hearts of many Colombians, as it continues to be among the ‘top’ 3 of the most viewed programs on Saturdays.



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