Alex Cora breaks the silence on who was the “Master Mind” in the stealing of signs

The manager of the Red Sox de Boston, Alex Cora, broke the silence and offered unknown details about the Astros’ famous signing robbery at the MLB.

Using the OneonOne program with Theplaymaker, Cora had the opportunity to talk about various issues and what he had to live after countless accusations and the suspension of the MLB, just as he denied that he was the mastermind of that sign stealing in the Major.

Here the video:

lex Cora was manager of the Red Sox From 2017 to 2019, he brought the World Series championship to Boston after having about five consecutive seasons without a win in the MLB. However, now he has to cope without a Mookie Betts, David Price, Brock Holt, Craig Kimbrel and Joe Kelly.

There is no doubt that the fans and many players of the Red Sox they miss Alex Cora, since, once he left the team, he began to lose many games and his fans were not happy at all. MLB.

Now Cora he has to associate with new members like Alex Verdugo, Phillips Valdez, Deivi Grullon, Tanner Houck, etc.

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