Alex Gensollen: Judicial Branch orders six months of preventive detention for security agents involved in death in San Borja shopping center nndc | LIME

The Judicial Power issued six months of preventive detention against the five security agents of the Liderman and ISEG companies involved in the alleged crime of simple homicide to the detriment of (38), occurred on the night of Tuesday, September 14 at the department store , which works in the Shopping Center Spring in

The support for the request for this measure was made by the First Office of the Second Corporate Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Miraflores, Surquillo, San Borja.

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Pretrial detention will be computed from September 15, 2021 to March 14, 2022.

Among the evidence presented by the prosecutor that the death of Gensollen Vera Tudela was caused by excessive use of force during the intervention are the statements of those investigated and the videos.


Alex Gensollen case: These are the details of his death at the Real Plaza

According to the investigations, the intervened agreed that the private agent Luis Carbonel Sánchez “He tied the arms and legs of the young man with some pins”, as specified in the document of the Prosecutor’s Office.

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They also pointed out that Carbonel himself put one of his feet on the victim’s neck when the latter was reduced to the ground and they also sat on his back.

The defendants for the alleged crime of homicide are Snayder Wilfredo Quezada Contreras (22), Darwing Kenit Sánchez Uvaqui (19), Luis Iván Carbajal Cancino (19), Luis Jimmy Carbonel Sánchez (43) and Alexis Joel Melgarejo Cullanco (22), who in the next few hours they will be interned in a prison in the capital.

The security cameras of the shopping center captured the last minutes alive of Alex Gensollen Vera Tudela (38), who is seen running in without a mask, which alerted the security personnel. This happened at 10:45 pm on Tuesday, September 14. He went to a poultry shop and ten minutes later he is seen at the door of this place talking with the security agent.

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Then he walks a few meters and approaches a customer. The latter recoils in fear from a gesture made by Gensollen. Then the visitor runs and enters the Oechsle store that had the roll-up door open halfway where he is hit by security agents.

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Security cameras confirm assault on young man killed in Shopping Center
Relatives of the young Alex Gensollen Vera Tudela, who died in strange circumstances in the Real Plaza Primavera shopping center, in the San Borja district, affirmed that the security cameras of the place revealed the attack on the victim. (Source: Latina TV)



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