Alex Jones and InfoWars are required to pay $ 100,000 in court fees for the Sandy Hook case

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A Texas judge has ordered Alex Jones and his InfoWars Hoax website to pay more than $ 100,000 in court and attorney fees. This marks the recent court win of a Sandy Hook family suing Jones for spreading conspiracy theories about the 2012 shootout.

Jones and InfoWars are charged by Neil Heslin, whose six-year-old son was killed while filming in Newtown, CT. On December 20, Travis County judge Scott Jenkins filed a sanction and attorney’s fees application against Jones and InfoWars, sentencing them to pay $ 65,825 for violating a court order to send documents and witnesses , In another decision made on the same day in the Heslin case, Jenkins rejected InfoWars’ motion to dismiss the case and asked Jones and InfoWars to pay an additional $ 34,323.80 for a total of $ 100,148.80 to were raised against Jones and InfoWars in a single day.

Jones and his branch were added to an earlier October order against InfoWars and will have to pay $ 126,023.80 just in case before the process is complete.

“It is no surprise that someone like Alex Jones will soon be despised in court, but he is now learning that his total disregard for this process will have serious consequences,” said Mark Bankston, one of Heslin’s lawyers, in an email to Das daily Beast.

InfoWars and Jones did not respond to comment requests.

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In a motion for a sanction on December 9, Heslin’s lawyers said Jones and InfoWars had repeatedly violated the law in the case. In one case, Jones and InfoWars undertook to provide a company representative, according to the plaintiff, to discuss how the store would handle Sandy Hook shooting in a deposition. When InfoWars producer Rob Dew appeared for deposit, however, he had little information as to why InfoWars called Sandy Hook parents “crisis actors”.

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Heslin lawyers also stated that Jones and InfoWars did not save InfoWars social media posts and messages in the Slack internal messaging app until they switched to a different chat system.

“If Mr. Jones had simply taken responsibility for his reckless lies and years of illegal harassment, all of this could have been avoided,” Bankston wrote in an email to The Daily Beast. “Instead, Mr. Jones seems to prefer going to the trash can in history in the most expensive and embarrassing way.”

This is not the first time that the Heslin lawsuit has embarrassed Jones and InfoWars. Earlier this month, Heslin’s lawyers released a video deposition with Paul Joseph Watson, a close Jones ally, who claimed to have warned InfoWars that they were “untrustworthy” conspiracy theorists.

Jones and InfoWars have also been accused of hindering the Connecticut discovery, where Jones is charged by other Sandy Hook families. InfoWars has repeatedly changed attorneys in these cases, and plaintiffs have complained that the point of sale is slowing the legal process. And in apparent incompetence, Jones’ legal department accidentally provided child pornography to the Connecticut plaintiffs, later claiming that the illegal images were sent to Jones by anonymous trolls.

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