Alex Kipman resigns from Microsoft after inappropriate behavior

© Imagine Cup / Wikimedia Commons

Longtime Microsoft executive Alex Kipman is stepping down amid numerous misconduct allegations. We tell you more.

Considered one of “golden boys of untouchable executives” of Microsoft for 21 years, Alex Kipman however, has just left the company. Why ? As reported InsiderIt is accused of several facts : inappropriate touching on female employees and a witness saw him watching VR porn at work.

A former Microsoft executive, for example, said he saw Alex Kipman rubbing a woman’s shoulders. Unfortunately, when she tried to stop him, he continued to put her « deeply uncomfortable« . « Uncomfortable« is the term another Microsoft member used to describe the history of VR porn. It was in May 2015 that the facts unfolded: while the team was experimenting with a prototype, Alex Kipman put on a VR headset to test it and chose a video of a “overtly sexualized pillow fight that could be seen by everyone in the room through a monitor that mirrored the device’s display”.

Faced with this, more than 25 employees made a document compiling similar negative interactions with the aim of sending it to Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. According to some, managers even warned others to “don’t leave women alone” with him. Alex Kipman leaves Microsoft to « pursue other interests« .

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