Alex Rodríguez possible new buyer of the Metropolitan MLB – MLB

A media bomb just exploded in the Big Apple with that Alex Rodriguez how possible new buyer of the Mets from New York in Major League Baseball (MLBBig leagues).

According to sources and rumors from MLB, nothing more and nothing less than Alex Rodriguez has emerged as a possible new buyer of the Mets from New York at Big leagues.

The rumor of the sale of Metropolitan is playing since the 2019 season of MLB, and its supposed buyer would have backed down and now arises A-Rod how new possible buyer of the Mets.

Alex Rodriguez He knows New York perfectly, since he was born there, he also played for the Yankees and is committed to Jennifer López (JLO).

So A-Rod He doesn’t want to leave for anyone.

How will the Yankees and their fans the possible purchase of Mets by Alex Rodriguez?

For its part A-Rod insurance will say business are business: business is business and capitals have no heart, even on Valentine’s Day and Love and Friendship lol.

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