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“Trump grew up hating socialism, Latinos, African Americans, Muslims, and just about everything that’s alive except himself.” This is how a challenging letter that Álex Saab, the noted figurehead of Nicolás Maduro, wrote from his cell.

At a time when the Supreme Court of Cape Verde defines the extradition of Saab, after it was approved by the Court of Appeals, the Barranquilla comes out in defense of the Maduro regime and socialism: “So why does he hate us? Because if the poor progress, you can’t exploit them that much. Their attitude is nothing more than basically the capitalist idea of ​​exploiting the workers (…) “.

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Donald Trump, outgoing president of the United States.



Saab, whom Venezuela proclaimed Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Africa, in a failed attempt to give him immunity, adds: “Trump’s philosophy is that of the street thug: he screams loud enough about freedom of thought but those who think differently from me will die.”

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Children and relatives, in the crosshairs

AND in a clear response to the revelation of EL TIEMPO that the United States will expand the investigation against relatives and close friends to Saab, he wrote: “He has sanctioned me, my children and my siblings only for, apparently” being the sons or brothers of Alex Saab. ”

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He also says that his connection to the case is solely due to the fact that they are his blood and flesh and the attempts to overthrow the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, which Saab describes as “a legitimate government” that would be replaced by puppets.

Alex Saab and his family


In the letter he takes the opportunity to insist on the conditions in which he remains in Cape Verde.

(In context: Cape Verde court gives clearance to extradition of Saab)

“Over the course of the last seven months of illegal detention in Cape Verde, I have had a lot of time (but not much light) to catch up on my reading. I spend 22 hours a day without electricity and, apart from 20 minutes in the morning and again in the afternoon from Monday to Friday, that I am allowed a consultation with my local attorney, I am not allowed to speak to anyone. I am detained in conditions that the US Department of State itself has described as ” … that put life at risk ”, says Saab whom his defense now calls a plenipotentiary ambassador.

The letter is known in the final stretch of the extradition process of Saab, whom the United States considers the route to reach the gold and dollars that have illegally left Venezuela and the regime’s agreements with Iran, Turkey and Russia, impacting the security of this side of the hemisphere.

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