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The President of Cape Verde, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, referred to the thorny extradition of the Barranquilla Álex Saab, after Venezuela again demanded his freedom and the DD Committee. H H. of the UN will announce precautionary measures to know the subject.

Both the defense of the aforementioned figurehead of Nicolás Maduro and the United States Justice are pending that the ConstitutionalAs a last resort, decide whether to release Saab or hand it over to the DEA to answer for a mega-money laundering operation of over 350 million dollars and linked to the Venezuelan regime.

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Neither the Prime Minister, nor the President of the Republic nor the Minister of Justice can intervene or suspend this process, which is in the jurisdictional instances.

According to the judicial calendar, the decision had to be made last May 11, But Saab has already served a year in prison (he was captured on June 12, 2021) without the Constitutional Court revealing its verdict.

Fonseca’s statement comes at a time when the Pentagon monitors an Iranian warship (the country Saab was traveling to when he was arrested), which is heading to Venezuela with a cargo that can range from weapons to fuel.

(In context: US and Colombia monitor Iranian ships that would carry missiles)

The president of Cape Verde was clear that the Executive is not going to stop the extradition of the Barranquilla: “Right now the case is in the Constitutional Court and therefore (…) neither the Prime Minister, nor the President of the Republic nor the Minister of Justice may intervene or suspend this process, which is in the jurisdictional instances ”.

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The president of Cape Verde, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, described the Saab case as very sensitive and admitted that he had never received so many calls from heads of state.

Jorge Arreaza

Jorge Arreaza, Venezuelan Foreign Minister.

And he added: “The act of arrest and release are materially jurisdictional” (…), “only a judge can arrest or release in a system like ours.”

Only an armed judge with jurisdictional powers You can withdraw your freedom or return your freedom, ”Jorge Carlos Fonseca underlined, noting that this process will be resolved in accordance with the regulations in force in Cape Verde.

Fonseca’s statements were known last Monday, after the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, officially referred to the Saab case again.

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Today marks one year of the unfair and illegal detention of diplomat Alex Saab in Cape Verde, a product of the evident US persecution against our country. We demand respect for their human rights and their immediate release, as the #CEDEAO Tribunal has ruled, “Arreza said in his networks.

In addition, he came out to celebrate the precautionary measures: “Venezuela welcomes the decision of the UN Human Rights Committee, where he asks the Republic of Cape Verde to adopt a set of measures that guarantee the human rights of Ambassador Alex Saab. We reiterate the call to end his illegal detention. “

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According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, a group called ‘Alliance for Global Justice’, originally from the Solidarity Network with Nicaragua, made up of some Americans who support the Sandinistas, it launched a media campaign spearheaded by left-wing intellectuals.

The complaint states that “Saab was kidnapped, detained and tortured under orders from the Trump administration.” Furthermore, they insist that “Saab is lfighting cancer and urgently needs to be seen by doctors in Venezuela”.

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