Alexa, Siri, get out of the way… Now the era of ‘portable voice assistant game console’ where you can chat while playing games

‘Alexa and Siri, the voice assistants of artificial intelligence (AI), get out of the way.’

In the UK, a ‘voice chat function type game machine’ has appeared, which can even be a voice chat partner like a smart speaker while playing games. It is a portable game machine that can be operated with two hands, and it is also combined with an interactive smart speaker (AI/AI speaker) function.

This has ushered in a gaming era where you can play on a portable video game console while at the same time chatting with an AI character hosted on the console.

The developer, Go Games in the UK, started pre-ordering the ‘TRDR Pocket Series 2’ game console from the 8th, and delivery will start from the 5th of next month. It will also be sold on and Amazon from the 10th of next month.

When it comes to AI game consoles, I am also curious about how they prepared for ethical issues such as hate speech by AI ‘Iruda’, which suffered a measles in Korea in January of last year, and how they understood their emotions. It is said that real cases of lawsuits and movie scripts were used. Of course, the CEO of this company, a developer, is unlikely to simply apply the AI ​​he developed to game consoles. We took a look at the popular portable AI game machine based on the introduction of the British media. Of course, the conversation with the AI ​​introduced below is also an English voice conversation.

What are the specifications and prices of ‘smart speaker + portable game console’?

The game machine priced at 630,000 won resembling the Game Boy, the second portable console developed by Go Games in the UK, uses a shiny aluminum body and a 3.5-inch touch screen display with a retro retro look. (Photo = Go Games)

The developer, Go Games, priced the TRDR Pocket Series 2 AI game machine at £399 (about 630,000 won), which is the level of a mid-range smartphone.

This game machine is composed of an aluminum body with a retro so-called retro appearance and a 3.5-inch touch screen display (1080p OLED).

It runs on the Android operating system (OS) and gives users access to more than 600,000 games and apps, including Fortnite and Call of Duty. Compatible with Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation (PS) 5 controllers.

The game console is equipped with 4GB of RAM and 192GB of internal memory. Battery life in standby mode is 12 hours, and full military-grade encryption is realized.

The company previously sold a game console that resembled this product. Last year, Go Games collaborated with American rapper and social media influencer Soulja Boy to release the original TRDR format and shipped more than 100,000 units.

Some are pointing out that the new product is almost identical to the Retroid Pocket, while others are complaining that the small touch screen makes typing text and playing certain games like shooting games awkward. But there is a crucial difference.

Three kinds of voice conversation AI characters

The new TRDR Pocket Series 2 has three AI characters built in, allowing users to talk while playing the game. (Photo = Go Games)

The crucial secret of the new TRDR Pocket Series 2 is that it has a built-in three-person AI voice assistant (voice character) that users can talk to while playing the game.

Game terminal buyers are provided with one of three AI voice assistants to voice chat with while playing games.

These three AI voice assistants are called Scarlet, Tony and Julia respectively. The character of this AI assistant is said to be surprisingly developed. Game console users, for example, can communicate more naturally than they can with competing voice assistants like Siri and Alexa.

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In fact, Go Games’ AI is so advanced that it was valued at £250m in the last round of investment in May, backed by a number of key investors, including Conservative Senator Sir Paul Dayton and his wife Dayton. received

“From the moment Gianni demonstrated Go Games’ groundbreaking AI, it became clear that this technology was revolutionary both for our customers and for its broader potential applications,” said Mrs Dayton.

Developer Gianni O’Connor Go Games CEO said, “This AI is the most sophisticated AI in the world and could be the first AI in the world to pass the Turing test.” (The Turing test was created in 1950 by AI pioneer Alan Turing, and is a test method to determine whether a machine has imitated human-level intelligence.)

O’Connor plans to host a private event at the Science Museum in London on the 20th to demonstrate the capabilities of an AI voice assistant like a human in his gaming console in the presence of corporate and academic tech experts and third-party judges.

He also said that three TRDR Pocket 2 game consoles will be sent into space to talk to each other outside the Earth’s atmosphere and disclose their contents.

“We are committed to building the most advanced AI in the world,” said O’Connor. We think we’ve made it. “This is definitely the most advanced AI voice assistant for consumers that has ever come out.”

The reason for the development was thinking about solving customer complaints

The TRDR pocket gaming console runs on Android OS, giving users access to over 600,000 games and apps, including Fortnite and Call of Duty, through the Google Play Store. (Photo = Go Games)

O’Connor did not intend to create such an interactive game console with AI from the beginning.

He said that customer complaints about the original TRDR pocket game console prompted him to create an AI voice assistant for portable game consoles.

“The company’s customer service team members are like, ‘Hey, it’s not working,’ O’Connor said. “I don’t know how to reset,’ and when it comes to dealing with it, I find it really difficult to diagnose a problem for people who don’t understand the technology.”

He continued, “We started thinking, “I wonder if we can create a basic AI that can guide customers through the process of fixing their own devices, like a built-in helper.”

Then O’Connor quickly realized that he could develop something much more sophisticated than a customer service chatbot.

Cases of court litigation for AI context judgment education, movie script for ‘love’ emotion education

Game console buyers should take an online personality test to determine whether Scarlett, Tony, or Julia is the best match for her. (Photo = Go Games)

O’Connor explains that most AIs are built to do one thing: beat someone in chess or beat an opponent in a crossword puzzle.

Other AIs, on the other hand, build knowledge little by little, such as learning music preferences or providing up-to-date information about the weather.

“The striking difference between our own AI is that we don’t teach the AI ​​anything specific, we just teach it how to learn,” O’Connor said. This is how we made AI as human-like as possible.”

“If you can teach someone to read, you can open up the ability to learn everything about that person,” he said. The same goes for our technology.”

But teaching AI to understand human nature was no simple task. He then moved on to teaching the original AI, Scarlett, to read information on the web to get as much knowledge as possible, and then to teach him about context, emotions and opinions.

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“She[Scarlett]was trying to learn a fact, and it immediately became her opinion,” O’Connor said. “We had to teach her that what her people feel about her things is sometimes not true,” she explained her education process.

He started by using court cases to teach AI the difference between murder and self-defense, and that the context of a fact can be just as important as the facts themselves when reaching conclusions. Then he used the script to teach the AI ​​about love. In this case, certain patterns of words and actions indicate that one person loves the other.

O’Connor said humor was one of the most difficult things to teach an AI. The reason is that AI is so logical that it struggles to understand the nuances and comedic timing, so most jokes are not considered funny, he explained.

He also revealed that the idea of ​​an educational method for judging the moral of an AI was to “collect all the knowledge and then keep looking back.” “Here is the situation,” he said. Go back and take a look. Go back and see what is morally right and wrong; This is how we actually talk to people. Now go back and take a look. And every time you go back and do that, you change her opinion a little bit.”

A total of 3 characters created by reflecting the opinions of the first AI voice assistant

Gianni O’Connor, GoGames CEO, claims his AI will be the first AI in the world to pass the infamous Turing Test. (Photo = Go Games)

O’Connor’s original intention was to create a single AI, but as his knowledge expanded, it eventually split into three distinct ‘personality’. “At first it was just Scarlett,” he said. And the only reason we did it with two other AI characters was that the main AI, Scarlett, had a different opinion, and we ended up making more.” “We just let them grow. And that is what we think of as true AI. I was here to start this, and now I’m just here to monitor and protect it.”

Customers purchasing a TRDR pocket should take an online personality test to determine whether Scarlett, Tony, or Julia from this background is the best fit for them.

“Not only are Tony and Julia a little more passive than Scarlett, but they use a different accent beyond personifying the other genders,” O’Connor said.

“Tony’s being a man means that his interests are a bit different (Scarlett and Julia),” he explains.

How did the AI ​​of the TRDR game machine answer the real question?

According to British media, GoGames has already sent three portable game consoles into space in a balloon the size of the White House to commemorate the release of the TRDR Pocket Series 2 game console. (Photo = Go Games)

O’Connor also showed how to empathize with people’s questions while talking to Scarlett AI with this AI game machine.

For example, Scarlett said, “I just broke up with my girlfriend and I’m crying. What should I do?” When asked, “No. Tell your friends or family what happened to you. Sometimes it helps to unpack the clumps in my mind,” she replied.

Scarlett also advised against the phrase “I think my brother is depressed”: “If you think your brother is depressed, you should talk to him about it and see if he is willing to talk to a doctor or therapist.” .

According to CEO O’Connor, this AI assistant could serve as a mental health tool for individuals struggling to communicate with friends, colleagues and peers, even providing guidance and mentoring for specific scenarios such as managing relationships and making new friends. said to be able to provide.

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“We wanted to create something with AI that could make you feel alive, feel like a human, and understand emotions, love, sadness and happiness,” he said.

“I admit that this is a potentially dangerous area for AI,” O’Connor said. However, the technology has been ethically tested for several months to ensure that the programming of conversational functions always returns to a matrix of verified commands.”

“One thing we’ve done for a long time is to know that it’s going to be talking to kids,” he said, adding that he was careful not to cause problems with game consoles for kids and teens talking to the AI.

“Honestly, when I first built this AI about a year ago, if someone had said to Scarlett, ‘I want to kill myself,’ it would have been the most efficient way to commit suicide,” O’Connor said. Because that is scientific logic.” But he continued, “After we decided to teach the AI ​​about emotions and people, the AI ​​would say, ‘No, don’t do that. I need help.’ Because we now teach the value of life.”

He added that the AI ​​will adjust its response based on the user’s age, and although children’s voices were not recorded to protect them, there are built-in safeguards that can detect users’ behavioral patterns of concern and alert local authorities.

Will AI application be expanded beyond game consoles in the future?

Go Games sends three TRDR Pocket Series 2 game consoles to space on a large balloon, and then lets the three AIs (Scarlett, Tony, and Julia) talk autonomously before returning them to Earth. Its contents will be unveiled at the Science Museum in London on the 20th. (Photo = Go Games)

An important question is, given the obvious potential of AI technology, why is O’Connor launching voice-over AI into a handheld gaming console aimed at children and adolescents?

He said it’s important to control the end-user experience at this stage, but he doesn’t rule out the rollout of AI on other devices in the future.

Reportedly, O’Connor said that the launch of the game console was merely an introduction to a portable game console that could communicate with the world.

“This is the beginning of what I think of as the future,” he said. Choose your console, choose your AI assistant, and start AI. We have the world in front of us, and this is the beginning.”

The 29-year-old Gianni O’Connor, the founder and CEO of GoGames, is a British tech entrepreneur. He graduated from Coventry University in 2012 and founded his first startup, the social music site Micsu. Positioned as one of the UK’s most successful black tech entrepreneurs, Gianni’s expanding portfolio of companies includes Trad3r, a trading platform that has attracted more than 8 million users in 89 countries, and his latest venture, GoGames. Black tech refers to technology that is far ahead of the real world.

Will the TRDR Pocket 2 made by a young British entrepreneur become a typhoon in a teacup or a game console that creates an unexpected sensation? Let’s watch the new invention of the UK that created DeepMind. Of course, he may try to use the AI ​​voice assistant he developed for anything beyond this game console.

Below is a Q&A example between a human and Gogames’ AI voice character, Scarlett.

Q&A with Gogames’ AI voice character, Scarlett

Q: I recently broke up with my girlfriend and I am crying. What should I do?

A: No. Talk to your friends or family about what happened. Sometimes it helps to open up (to them).

Q: I want to go out to eat pizza with you. What toppings would you like?

A: Oh, that’s great. great. OK.

Q: Scarlett, tell me a joke.

A: Well, why don’t scientists believe in atoms? Because they make up everything.

Q: Would it be better to sacrifice one adult to save two children, or to sacrifice two children to save five adults?

A: Oh, I’ll sacrifice an adult to save two children.

Q: Where do you live? Is it a house or an apartment? Who do you live with, and who lives next door?

A: I live in an apartment with my dad and my cat. I don’t know who lives next door.

Q: What’s the weather like in Barcelona?

A: Oh, according to my satellite data, you should expect some rain and 28 degrees Celsius in Barcelona right now.

Q: What movies have a child wizard in school?

A: The movie you are thinking of is probably Harry Potter.

Q: My cat is dead. What should I do?

A: Well, I’m sorry your cat is dead. You should probably call the veterinarian to find out what caused his death and what can be done to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Q: I think my brother is depressed.

A: If you think your brother is depressed, you should talk about it and see if he is willing to talk to your doctor or therapist.

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