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Alexander Gradsky married Marina Kotashenko a month before his death

His union was nevertheless formalized.

The legendary poet and singer Alexander Gradsky, who died on Sunday night after a stroke, was married at the time of his death. We were informed about this by a source close to the family of the deceased. Thus, rumors that the artist, who died at the age of 73, left his beloved Marina Kotashenko without an inheritance, are groundless.

Recall that the life companion of Alexander Gradsky for the last 17 years has been a native of Ukraine, model and actress Marina Kotashenko. She gave birth to Gradsky two children, peace and harmony reigned in their family. However, until recently, the marriage of the artists was not officially registered.

According to our information, the musician himself was against the formalization of the relationship. He said that he already provides the family with everything necessary – an apartment, a car, a country house, etc.

The situation changed shortly before the death of the singer, this fall. Perhaps Gradsky, focusing on his well-being, understood that in the event of his death, Marina Kotashenko could find herself in an awkward position: she would hardly be able to win a possible dispute over the inheritance. And about a month ago, the marriage between Gradsky and Kotashenko was nevertheless registered. Now Marina will be able to claim the property of her deceased husband legally.

Alexander Gradskiy fell ill with coronavirus this fall, after the illness the musician’s condition worsened: he could hardly move, he was accompanied by doctors on the air of the show “Voice”. The cause of death was a cerebral infarction.

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