Alexander Zverev works “extremely hard” on his weaknesses in Florida

Best training conditions in the corona crisis
Zverev is working “extremely hard” on his weaknesses in Florida

Unlike many top German athletes, Alexander Zverev enjoys the best training conditions during the Corona crisis. In his adopted home Florida, he works “extremely hard” in the family circle to change the guard at the top.

It could be worse, much worse. Alexander Zverev feels “slowed down” by the Corona crisis on his way to the top, but he shouldn’t complain. Unlike many top German athletes, Zverev trains under dream conditions during the forced break. In his adopted home in Florida, he is preparing with his family for Day X, when the tennis tour comes to life.

“I now consider this a longer off-season,” says Zverev in an interview with “Sport Bild”. And that is a good thing, because he largely sacrificed his season preparation in November in favor of highly endowed show games with Roger Federer. Now he can make up for what he missed, “I don’t have anything better to train than anyway,” says Zverev (22).

Therefore, the world ranking seventh works “extremely hard” on his weaknesses, “especially on my volleys,” as he reveals. Zverev makes no secret of his surroundings in the Saddlebrook Academy near Tampa. Because of social isolation: The family with brother Mischa and the parents stick together anyway, now team members live with the Zverevs, everything for the good of the youngest, boredom has not yet arisen with “Sascha”.

He has enough training partners at a high level, double specialist Marcelo Melo from Brazil and the former professional Sergey Bubka junior, son of the Ukrainian pole vault legend, are available. Brother Mischa, of course. Variety is important, says Alexander Zverev: “If I played with the same person for three months, we would hit the racket on the head at some point.” Other professionals are currently asking for such problems.

Zverev is doing better, he deserves this from success. He even enjoys the time without tournaments: “Right now is the moment when I can improve.” He has three months to “completely dismantle” his game, if not more. The tour will be suspended until July 13th. Corona patients will be treated on the grounds of the US Open. It looks like Flushing Meadows will open on August 24th, as well as whether professional tennis can even be played in 2020.

Zverev could therefore make friends with ghost games, including in New York, where more than 20,000 spectators fit into Arthur Ashe Stadium. “I think until the US Open, tennis fans are so hungry that they don’t care whether we play in front of spectators or in empty seats,” says Zverev. This also applies to him, because he wants to build on the successful start to the season in Australia as quickly as possible. “My game was completely there,” says Zverev.

The time out after the semi-finals in Melbourne is therefore “really bitter”, but the generation change at the top is only postponed. Zverev believes that Novak Djokovic (Serbia) and Rafael Nadal (Spain) would benefit from the break “because they have more routine and know exactly what to do”. But his prospects are not that bad either. In any case, Alexander Zverev will be well prepared for day X.

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