Alexandra (Koh-Lanta) posts a cute photo with her daughters, they are sublime

Alexandra is a legendary candidate of Koh-Lanta, The 4 lands, and it is for her daughters that she chose to participate to the adventure.

And the adventurer chose to post a snapshot on Instagram with them. The photo was applauded by the other competitors.

Koh-Lanta it is an opportunity for participants to express themselves and try their luck and to each their own reason: competition, sport, survival …

Sometimes the stories are more personal and quite touching …

For Hadja, in Koh-Lanta, The 4 lands, it is a tribute to her brother, whom she wanted to pay by participating in the show.

Fabrice, who has a sick son, Adam, wanted to do the same …

Alexandra, she wanted to participate in Koh-Lanta to honor his two daughters. She is also the last woman of the former Eastern team still in competition.

Our colleagues from Télé Star interviewed her last September and Loïc’s teammate had confided in the difficult fight led by her second daughter against “a congenital problem which degenerated into glaucoma”.

“She has had 7 eye operations. Today, she is better and remains followed ”, had confided at the time this Wonder Woman of Koh-Lanta, The 4 lands.

My second daughter had a lot of vision problems from birth. A congenital problem that has degenerated into glaucoma. She was hospitalized 11 times in two years. She had 7 eye operations. Today, she is better and remains followed.”It is to her that she dedicates each of her feats in Koh-Lanta. “It is for you that I did not let go of my 3 bags at arm’s length, you that I carried so much during our difficult and happy moments … My baby you dragged me to victory“She also wrote after one of her performances in the TF1 game.


This Monday September 16, Alexandra shared a snapshot where she poses in their company with her two daughters because she is very close to them: “I was so far from you my daughters during this comfort on the other side of the world in a Fijian family, benevolent and generous. I missed you so much but if I left, it was to fulfill myself, and above all to show you that with determination, great efforts and keeping your values ​​you can overcome obstacles and make your life a dream ”, legend the adventurer under this picture. His acolytes from Koh-Lanta strongly applauded this cliché in emojis!

“You are so cute, I love it”, commented Hadja. “The blank photo kills Alex! Long live the color white ”, exclaimed in turn. Loïc, referring to the color of the reunited team. “Magnificent”, launched Lola.

Besides, the former candidate Raphaële, who is not part of this season, also left a comment. “I totally understand! My first Koh-Lanta, I didn’t have any children yet … but on the second, I experienced the tear of this separation with my big and it’s such a heartbreaking feeling that you need to have even more mental strength to advance in the adventure!

Internet users, unanimously also loved this image!

“Sacred lesson for your daughters to see such a determined mom”, “A super adventurer and a super mom”, “A real role model!” Added fans of Koh-Lanta, The 4 lands. Alexandra definitely puts everyone in agreement!

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