Alexei Navalny does not want to become a dissident in exile

The main opponent of Vladimir Putin said he was ready to leave Germany where he was in care after his poisoning of August 20, 2020, and announced his return to Moscow for this Sunday, January 17. However, being the subject of a wanted notice in his country, he could be arrested as soon as he arrived at the airport.

A fierce opponent of Vladimir Putin’s regime for years, the creator of the Anti-Corruption Fund and leader of the Russia of the Future party, 44, shows unfailing determination in his political struggle. He came close to death after poisoning himself and the West attributed to the Russian secret service in August 2020, but restored his health in Germany, and his ambitions appear intact.

According to the Moscow daily Nezavissimaïa Gazeta, 1,500 people announced on Facebook that they would be waiting for him on January 17 at 7 p.m. at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport. However, the host committee might not be just its supporters. The Federal Service for the Enforcement of Sentences (SFAP) is also expected to send its officers. Indeed, since December 29, 2020, Alexeï Navalny has been the subject of a search notice issued by this body, for having failed to appear at the counter of the Inspectorate of the application of sentences as provided for in his judgment in an old court case.

Accused of fraud in 2014, the opponent received a 3.5-year suspended prison sentence, accompanied by a probation that ended on December 30, 2020. As the daily explains. Kommersant, the SFAP affirms that during the year 2020 Navalny “Systematically broke the rules of probation” and, “Even after his release from the Charité hospital in Berlin on September 23, he did not show up for his summons on October 23”.

The Federal Investigation Committee has also opened an investigation against him for fraud: he accuses the opponent of having embezzled for his personal benefit part of the public donations collected in the name of his


Laurence Habay

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