Alexia case – “I just hope that the maximum sentence is granted”

The father of the young French woman killed by her husband in 2017 claimed Wednesday before the Assize Court “perpetuity” for Jonathann.

The eagerly awaited hearing of Alexia’s parents takes place this Wednesday at the Assize Court of Haute-Saône.


Alexia D.’s father, Jean-Pierre F., demanded Wednesday before the Assize Court of Haute-Saône “the maximum penalty” against Jonathann, accused of the murder of his daughter.

“I just hope that the maximum sentence is granted”, he declared during a strong testimony at the bar while his son-in-law faces life imprisonment. “Our future, it is simple, we took perpetuity. Whether it will be Jonathann’s case is up to you, ”he told the Court.

“This famous day extinguished the light of happiness and serenity. We are now in sleep mode, ”he added.

“He soiled us”

And to wonder again while addressing the accused who was fleeing his gaze: “Why was Alexia murdered, for an argument, a refused sexual relation and perhaps to want to leave you, Jonathann?” Before this tragedy, happiness reigned in our family “but Jonathann” broke “, added Jean-Pierre F., 64, wearing a green velvet jacket, his voice sometimes altered by sobs. “He sullied us” by accusing his brother-in-law of a conspiracy and of being the murderer, he said again.

“Alexia was a very simple girl, but all that is most loving (…) it was an immense happiness during all these years”, he added , deploring that the defense also seeks to “dirty” the victim. It’s an assassination, it’s a massacre we are talking about, ”said Jean-Pierre F., while the civil parties suspect Jonathann of having premeditated the murder.

At the end, the president of the court Matthieu Husson praised the “dignity” of these remarks which he summed up by “ten years of happiness with Alexia, three years of unhappiness” since the murder.

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