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Alexis Ayala, remembered for playing the villains of successful soap operas such as “Loving you is my sin”, “Against the wind and tide” and “What life stole from me”, revealed that he left his mother in a retirement home and shared his reflections on this difficult decision that, she considers, was the best for her.

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In an interview with TVNotas, the Mexican actor assured that thanks to this experience he has been able to verify that the rumors about those places are not more than that, since his 78-year-old mother receives excellent treatment.

“I am learning many things in that regard. I realize that in Latin America there is very little education about what it means to love and responsibility that should be given to older adults, “he said. Alexis Ayala.

He also explained that “the people who live there are not locked up, they have activities, they are free to move and move. They have activities that put them in even better condition than they did when they were at the family’s home. “

Alexis Ayala confesses that it was a difficult decision to leave his mother in the retirement home (Photo: @alexisayala)


In conversation with the Mexican program ‘Today‘, the actor of “Amar a muerte” and “Quererlo todo” said: “What I did is an act of responsibility and love, I feel that we do not have the culture of caring for the elderly, I cannot go to work the weekend because I don’t have someone to take care of my mom. She has Parkinson’s and two years ago I also dropped it… ”.

Despite having a sister, he explained that he does not have her support. “My sister is simply not there, delve deeper into a family problem in that sense, because it has no case, but being very clear, she is not present.”

For her part, Doña Eli, the mother of Alexis Ayala, defended his son from any questioning for his decision. “You do not have to be afraid, at any given moment, make the decision and go where you know that they will take care of you and sometimes the children cannot, and they have to continue with their life, I frankly recommend it, I think it is something that children should take into consideration, they should not be afraid, it is not leaving their parents, it is not abandoning their parents, it is to continue living as long as we have left … and also think about the happiness of the children “, he explained .

After hearing the words of his mother, the Mexican interpreter was very moved and was not able to express more words than, “the villain just now broke down.”


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